Thursday, October 05, 2006


TOMORROW NIGHT (Friday the 6th)
Frank Roder and Michael Palmer Residence
908 Louisiana ~ 7:00 PM - until?
Welcome SESH and Friends!
Same as always, bring a dish to share and your beverage.


Anonymous said...

Frank and Michael have some wild and crazy parties. This is everyone's chance to let their "hair" down. I can't wait.

CPacific said...

Im shy.Im also a rentor and not a house owner here in the heights.

You are all so kind to invite people over and to party and try to have fun !
This is a fun area .IMO

Anonymous said...

Hey I will share my dish, but won't share my beverage.

Go Terriers!!!!!!!! said...

It's a Hillsborough High Home Game, we can't make it

Anonymous said...

thanks for reminding me. I won't be at the porch party either. I went to Chamberlain, but I do love walking over to Hillsborough High to see the games.