Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Happy Things

These are happy things about the hood:

Home Tour, Porch Parties, Dog Day In Gidden's Park, The Ice Cream Social, Volunteers, my neighbors across the street, and down the street, and the next street over, and on every street to the end of the hood. Heck my neighbors in the next hood!

More Happy things:

The Hit Team, our newsletter, the Dog Park, our code officer, our TPD Major, Kash and Karry is gone, Sweetbay is here, Chili Cook off, Jazz at Sulpher Springs, Bluegrass in the park, a beautiful rehab.......................... Friends!

More anyone?


Anonymous said...

seeing all my neighbors at Publix! having an effective hooker patrol!

Anonymous said...

Taco Bus!:)--yummy.

helen said...

Pumpkin Parade....Trick-or-treaters by the 100's....The Abney's Halloween decorations on Miami Ave....Santa Float on Lake Roberta....OSH Holiday Concert....Family Dinner Night....

MightBeMike said...

waving hi to my neighbors from my porch, being able to count on neighbors for assistance with almost anything, being close to town, my wonderful 1925 bungalow, lots of gay boys, fierce civic activism, Central Ave., Nicko's Diner, hot bread from Mauricio Faedo's bakery, the Sunshine Brass Band concert in Rivercrest Park, the dog park at Giddens and 12th, WMNF, Epps Park, Friday Night Whine and Dine, the trees, Hillsborough High School, SESH's Holiday Home Tour, 2 post offices, the diversity, Henry and Ola Park, on and on. Anyone have anthing else to add here?

IFly said...

I'm surprised no one has said "The Blog" yet. Personally, I love the fact that here, unlike many places, neighbors really are more then just the folks that live on either side of you. That and, to coin an old phrase, location, location, location. It's convenient to almost everywhere I need to go in Tampa.

Seminolesugar said...

The heights blog is fun.Also
thebest ever neighborhood in the damn city.
You can walk and take your animals out and be safe
I live near some officers and someone who drives an unmarked car for this city.
Thank you seminole heights!!!
for having the best neigbors and their dogs and the school is one my son attended when he was a little boy . THE PUBLIX IS NICE.
The library and all their staff.
The highschool that takes me back to a gentler time with its architech
Some of the churches are grand .
YOu can walk on a real sidewalk!

and the plants and the river and all of the nice people who make this a nice hood.

thanks ;-)

Anonymous said...

The diversity...I have a black neighbor, a Hispanic neighbor, a gay neighbor, etc. and they're all great...take that, Hyde Park!

Anonymous said...

thanking my lucky stars that I had sense enough not to buy in Westchase which has deed restriction out the wazoo!!

I love beer said...

The Corner Club! Cheep beer and friendly people!

Lurking looloo said...

ummmmmmmm tacobus.

where is the friendly lil pub please.

Beer! Hurray Beer! said...

It is on the corner of 15th and Sligh. They have Kareoke, pool talbes and an awesome Jukebox.

Meetmeforabrewsir? said...

hm 15th and sligh?
has it always been there?

any teco employees hang there?

... said...

Been there at least 20 years as I used to pass it on the way to the school bus stop every morning.