Sunday, October 01, 2006

Prostitution Tricks

Check out Rick's suggestions on other ways you can help deal with prostitution.


Anonymous said...

Well, Rick (once again tooting his own horn) is taking credit for starting the noble of him.

Word of caution, he doesn't state that citizens should be careful and travel in (at least) pairs to do this kind of patrolling. Also, it helps to be 'official'. The neighbors doing the hooker patrol these days have 'Neighborhood Watch' signs...and law enforcement knows them.

Vigilante-type behavior isn't desirable. If you want to do this, and I hope you do, please get the proper training, by riding along with those who know the proper and safe way to patrol.

Greg said...

For all my "indifference" I haven't seen Rick out there when I've been up at 4 am on patrol - like last night - I have to step back though I 've only been "indifferent" to the problem for about 5 1/2 years now and have been to court at least 4 times over the hooker problem.

As he states indifference allows hooker activity to happen but actions in '91 or '92 don't make much difference in '06.

You don't have to go out on patrol to make a diference - do your own mimi-patrol everytime you enter or leave the neighborhood - call the police dispatch line at 231-6130 and report a sighting and get an incident number - that helps make a difference.

Rick does have a point - indifference to any ongoing situation allows it to continue - be it hookers, overgrown grass, code issues or 47 sex offenders in one house - if you don't make noise then status quo will remain.

Rick F. said...

I NEVER claimed to have started "hooker patrols. I guess anonymous needed something to make a cheap personal shot...your good at that aren't you?

I never cast aspersions on the efforts of Mr. Barnhill. But no I will not be on Nebraska at 4 am.

I do however, go up and down Nebraska at various points through out the day. I do call the police and I usually have my camera. So while other people are in their offices elsewhere, it is not a problem going unreported.

My post on my blog related efforts that I made when I lived in Hampton Terrace until '95. At the time, the hooker working Powhatan and Nebraska, by her own admission, stated she was working that location for 17 years.

When I moved over to South Seminole Heights, the happenings on Nebraska were no longer my issue. Now that I once again live a few blocks away from Nebraska, it is once again my concern.

Noble? Never claimed it. I just have issues passing hookers on my way to and from my house. No one should be able to give directions to there home by the location of the prostitutes. Nor should women walking along Nebraska be assumed to be hookers by people driving by but that is too often the case. Talk about giving the neighborhood a bad image?!

Anonymous said...

Greg and Rick,

You two give the neighborhood a worse image than the prostitutes do. Just listen to you two, fighting over who is king of the hooker patrol and who started the hooker patrol.

Rick: "I am the hooker patrol King. Do not dare fail to acknowledge my powers."

Greg: "No! I am the hooker patrol Emperor! Bow down to me and submit to my hooker-hating essence."

Rick: "The streets shall flow with the blood of the nonbelievers! The hooker master has spoken. Do not challenge my authority or the consequences will be dire."

Greg: "I was fighting the hookers long before you were. I have learned their methods and techniques. They run from my mere presence. Any rocks they throw at me are boomeranged back to them. You, on the other hand, Rick, are not feared by them because they know that your powers are illusory."

Rick: "Let's play catch the hooker. Go put on your wig and makeup and head out there with the rest of the transvestites. I'll shine my spotlight on you and scare away your Johns."

Greg: "Yay! I love that game. I've always wanted to play it from the other side."

Rick: "Me too. Let's go get us some johns."

The End.

Anonymous said...

Nut case

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:10

Where do I buy some of what you're on????

Anonymous said...

that is the funniest shit ive read in a LONG time. Great stuff.

Greg said...

Anon 11:10

I did not make the anon post of 10/1 @ 5:03 - only the post with my name attached.


Do you think that being "KING OF HOOKER PATROL" - is a bad thing?????

SmartAss said...

Actually, Rick F. would be the "Queen" of the Hooker patrol.

Anonymous said...

Smartass, that was so 3rd grade. Grow-up

Anonymous said...

She is a big old nelly thang, ain't she??? hahaha!!

Anonymous said...

I am sitting here LMFAO!

Do you two claim to be adults?

Thanks so terribly much for those laughs.
So far its the funniest stuff ever !

Just help the neigborhood with the hooking patrolling and contacting the law.Stop fighting over post.

and go home Your momma is calling for dinner.

Rick F. said...

I'm pretty sure who the first poster is. Not real sure about the others. What is really pathetic, is the complete cowardice of hiding behind being anonymous. Why hide behind being anonymous? Maybe you don't want to be revealed for what you are?

If you want to question my motives or make childish comments about me,
grow a set or rent a set and sign your posts for everyone to see.

CPacific/yes,itsmyrealname said...

Ok.cant we all just get along?