Sunday, October 01, 2006

New Orleans Avenue Yardsale Recap

We decided not to spend the money on the newspaper garage sale ad, which meant we had less traffic through our yardsale. Most of the folks who showed up were from the neighborhood. We visited with friends and relatives and met some previously unfaced blog responders. It was a laid back, relaxing sale. And we sold most of the stuff! We still have the Lykes cabinet and the stove. If anyone's interested in these pieces, contact the bloghost.

Thanks to all of you who stopped by. Greg, be careful in that old desk chair. Don't swivel too much til you tighten it up! Thanks to Sherry for breakfast and Ginny for dinner the night before. There will never be neighbors to top the people in this community. We'll be having a moving sale when the house sells. That sale will include lots of studio and yard goods, including some large planters and plants, arts and crafts supplies, and more furniture.

We're a couple weeks away from putting that For Sale sign out front. When we do, we're sort of counting on this slow market to keep us here for a while longer, so we can say a long goodbye.

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