Monday, October 02, 2006

The Peach-Bottom Nuclear Reactor Full Of Sleepers

The Peach-Bottom Nuclear Reactor Full Of Sleepers "Do we know what the difference is between the poppy sleep of the enchanted, and the sleep of babes, and the sleep of exhausted lovers, and the sleep of those who lie here, at the Peach Bottom Nuclear Reactor?”Please join the Alley Cat Players, Seminole Heights’ own theater company,
for this multi-media poem/performance piece by Mac Wellman,
inspired by an actual incident in which safety inspectors found the entire night crew of a nuclear reactor asleep.

The Alley Cats return to the courtyard stage at ¡Viva la Frida! Come see us under the stars and enjoy some sangria with your surrealism!
Saturday, October 21, 9 pm,
¡Viva la Frida!, 5901 N. Florida Ave, Tampa

Please see
for more details, directions, and a map,
or call (813) 231-8478.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure Viva La Frida's is still open? Every time I go by there is looks abandoned. This event seems to be just a bit "out there".

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I wish the owners of Frida's would lower the price and sell it already, so someone else could reopen a nice place for the neighborhood!!

Anonymous said...

Viva's is indeed still open, with John in the kitchen. The last two times I've been there for dinner, the service was the best and fastest it's ever been.

Anonymous said...

Do you know if the have re-opened for lunch. That was my favorite time to go there. Cheap, quiet and great service!!