Sunday, October 01, 2006

1202 E. Chelsea - Boarding House in the making?

Here are more details on the comment posted about the house at 12th and Chelsea

"Wonder if anyone can help us with a growing problem . . . at 1202 E. Chelsea (corner of Chelsea and 12th). The man who owns the house had a stroke. He or his daughter started renting to homeless people, some of whom live in the garage. These two are bringing more transients around. I’m not sure how many are living there, but the number seems to be growing daily. Two women came into the yard today pushing shopping carts.

. . . Is there anything we can do? Code enforcement says it has three active cases against the house, but I don’t know what they do besides visit. This would never be allowed in other, more upscale neighborhoods in the city. I don’t like to make people homeless but I have to think about my family’s safety and my reasonable expectation of feeling comfortable in my own home."

Note the comment on the comment.

Here is my comment. Why can't there be some sort of way of getting a more quicker response on some of these code issues without violating due process? Could there not be in certain specfic type issues, be a way of getting a code injunction? Some sort of civil code judge, available more frequently than once a month?


Anonymous said...

I called down there.
One case has a lien on the property.
A rooming house is hard to prove and usually is a lost cause from what I hear, except in the sex offender case where the numbers can be proved.
They can make them pick up their junk though.

Anonymous said...

geez...and this neighborhood is up and coming? Seems to be heading in the other direction......