Monday, October 02, 2006

You're the best TPD!!

When Chief Hogue came to Tampa things really started to change in the police department, and not being one to rest on his laurels, the Chief has continued to make improvements month after month. The thing I appreciate the most about this department is NOT that they are perfect, and NOT that they do absolutely everything the way we all wish and think they should in our imagined near perfect world. What I like is the intelligence, energy and honesty that I find in dealing with almost everyone in TPD. What brings this to mind at the moment is the Alien Trailer Drop in Breadman’s yard. A rookie officer was first on the scene and the breadman did not get as much assistance as he should have. He was left to fend for himself to make alien contact and get the trailer removed. Left to his own devices he did quite well! However, in bringing this to the attention of Major Guidara, I was flooded with apologies and offers to assist, as well as some information in how to deal with this type of situation in the future.

So for anyone else who might be the victim of Alien Drops, be they trailers or as one neighbor experienced a year or so ago, an huge pile of remodeling house debris, there are solutions which do not cost the homeowner a dime. Call the major! He will dispatch someone to help you. The city has a department which will have it removed from your yard at no expense or trouble to you.

The good news is the Alien’s have removed the trailer, the yard will grow back, and TPD knows where to find the Alien and is taking care of it!


Greg said...

and they have always been extreamly responsive to concerns, issues resulting form interactions on hooker patrol - that is after we broke them in!! Sherry, I could not agree more.

Anonymous said...

Why can't code enforcement be this diligent and responsive?

Anonymous said...

because they don't get to wear guns

Anonymous said...

Oh, bite your tongue. Could you imagine the clowns from code carring guns. YIKES!

GrammarGeenie said...

I really hate to play Grammar Patrol, but I just can't help it. Please review your grammar and spelling before posting anything up on the blog. It really makes us all look like a bunch of country-bumpkin illiterates. The title of this entry should read, "You're the Best", not "Your the Best".

CouldBeSherry said...

So sorry grammar genie,,,,,,you are quite correct and we are indeed fortunate to have you looking over our frailties...simply an oversite.

Grammar Geenie said...

No need to thank me. I am glad to be of service.

ForrestGump said...

shouldn't this be .......GRAMMER POLICE.

CPacific said...

Dear TPD

I moved to the seminole heights area from Temple Terrace area
I am so grateful to see the officers patrol cars during the evenings here off of Hanna Ave,
I do appreciate them and I feel very much safer here than any other area of this city .

Most respecful