Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Where have all the people gone?

Well a recent check of the FDLE Sex offender site reveals that only two sex offenders live at 1303 New Orleans. 2 live at the Solid Rock Church 2746 N. Florida Ave. None live at 1304 New Orleans. I don't know how many non-sex offenders live at either locations, but I can tell the difference as far as the New Orleans addresses because I seen have fewer people on the premises or hanging around. The foot traffic is better. Although we did not close down the problem facility, at least we got it it reduced to a more managable group. I have forgotten the address they opened up in North Sulphur Springs to see how many people they put up there.

Good work everyone


Anonymous said...

You should be thanking yourself.
You shut it down

Seminolesugar said...

You best watch yourself.

No one should have to defend why there aren't any sex offenders living anywhere.. in our neighborhood.
Your a nasty individual.

Anonymous said...

How was that nasty giving him the credit.
You best get back on the scale and watch your weight.

Anonymous said...

It did not sound sincere.....O btw.

Im pretty far from needing to watch my weight .ya nellie queen.

Anonymous said...

I aint no queen.
Im king poo.
Your royal turdness.
You better recognize.
Wheres my poo shake woman.