Friday, December 08, 2006

Hip Roof

An email:

"I don’t recall seeing this info in the blog amongst many of the insurance discussions, but I thought it might be helpful to some folks who are enduring another round of premium increases. If you have a hipped roof (pyramid shaped; four sided roof) as many of us with bungalows and foursquares in Seminole Heights do, you are most likely eligible for a safe construction discount. I did not know this until I read through every last page of my policy and the accompanying documents. Hip roofs are considered safer and more sound in high winds, as there is no gable to catch wind. Hip roofs are much less likely to blow off than gabled roofs. I called my insurance company to inquire about this and after providing front and back pictures, I received almost $500 off my policy premium! This may be old news to many, but if there are some out there who do not know this, a blurb in your blog might help someone out……."

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Mike Handley, Handyman said...

I also read in my policy that there is a small discount for lumber (original construction) roof, as opposed to plywood or OSB (replacement)