Sunday, December 10, 2006

Candid Camera comes to Tampa

In today's Baylife section of the Tribune , there is a nice story on page 12 about Lazarra's Courtesy Market located at Louisiana and Nebraska (now the building is the storage shed for Phil Alessi's lemonheads.) The story relates how Allan Funt of Candid Camera came and filmed an episode at their store. Unfortunately there is no online version.


Anonymous said...

Did you notice the winners that Alessi rented the home to? How can we get him to better screen the tenants? How can we find out if this is section 8? I am going to watch it closely as they had several young kids on the porch late last night. Not that there is anything wrong with sitting on the porch, but I do not want another 10th and Lousiana.

Phil Alessi is a pig!

NewHeightsMag said...

Yeah -- I saw them. An interesting bunch. What's the story about 10th and Louisiana?