Sunday, December 31, 2006

Missing Italian Greyhound

7 yr old, male Italian Greyhound (looks like a
mini-greyhound), 12 pounds
Color: Grey with white face, and white tip on tail
Name: Coda

Coda is very skittish and may be hiding. He is an out
of town visitor, and therefore does not know this
neighborhood, so he is probably very lost. He was
last seen on Dec 30th at 5 PM at 1200 E McBerry St.
He does not have a collar on but is microchipped.

Please call 813-631-7712, 678-522-1594, or
813-469-6967 if you have seen Coda.
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Anonymous said...

You need to check the pound ASAP.
I think they have a three day rule or something.

Shawn said...

Thank you. We're also checking Vet's, Doggie Daycares, Pet Groomers, etc. Please don't hesitate to call if you see him.

Seminole Heights said...

Email from Shawn:

Seminole Heights Blog -

Good news, Coda is back at home. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to everyone that emailed and distributed flyers. Thanks also to the caring people in your wonderful neighborhood. Without their support and compassion the last few days would've been even harder to get through.

He was found by an amazing family after wandering down Hillsborough Ave, underneath I-275 to a neighborhood on the river. After cleaning him up, they made a trip to the vet and had his chip scanned. Our sincerest gratitude and apprectiation to the Wilsons - especially Savannah - for reuniting us with our dog.

If I can make one final plea, I would urge everyone to get their animals chipped & support the Hillsborough County Animal Services. They have so many dogs & cats in need of a caring home.


Anonymous said...

Another lost dog:

From Maria on SESH website:

A guy just came driving by and handed me a flyer in search of his lost
dog. If anyone sees him, he is a red-nosed pit bull, answers to
"dozer". he is nutmeg-colored, with a small white star on his chest.
His owner was out of town over the holidays and had friends house/dog
sitting. Dozer, an indoor dog, escaped out the front door on December
27th and has not been seen since. If anyone has seen him, please call
Ian at 245-5815.