Saturday, December 09, 2006

Baker and Co. General Store Antiques Emporium

We went to a very cool place today, thanks to Ginny.
Baker and Co. General Store Antiques Emporium.
2502 N. Howard Avenue

It is hard to describe. Except to say it is very cool. Rooms and rooms of things.

You can buy antiques, retro items, toys, candy, soaps, and all sorts of things. Want a leg lamp from "A Christmas Story"? They have a night lite version.

I took more photos but they did not come out. There is a lot more to this store than you can see in the few photos.

The flyer describes it as a general store featuring Sundries, Retro-Rama, Apothocary, A Secret Garden (on the second floor roof), Morgan's Dog Deli, Aunt Ruth Country Gourmet Cupboards, Victoria's Parlor, Furniture Showcase, Pinocchio's Toyland, Gentlemen's Quarters.

There is a space that can be rented out for events. There is space for antique dealers to bring in their own items. The second floor has office space.

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The owner is Barbara Baker. The hours are Tues - Sat 10 to 5 and Sun 11- 5.


armyBob said...

Yeah, I passed that place the other day, looked nice from my brief view.

Incidentally, there's some cool old buildings on Howard, a couple that are just huge (one looks like a fortress or something), around the 900 block IIRC.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know anything about the new shop that's opened on Hillsborough, after you cross the river heading West, on the north side -- before Rome Ave.? The store name has "vivant" in it -- that's all I remember. Anyway, it looks like they have some really cool stuff. I guess, technically, that's not Seminole Heights, but I think we need to support them. I'll be checking them out as soon as I can.

Anonymous said...

Vivant House is really cool. They have great items at reasonable prices. Lots of furniture. I highly suggest you stop in and take a look. I just bought a dresser from there.

Anonymous said...

Did I see candy?

Anonymous said...

Baker General Store on Howard is AWESOME! Its historically renovated and has just about every cool thing you can imagine! I will warn you however..once inside...and up on the terrace and secret will NOT want to leave!

Bloggerwife said...

This store is really unique in this area. It's the type of store I would expect in Asheville, N.C. A total delight to the senses. We sampled several varieties of fruit flavored white chocolate, yum. The building has been beautifully restored and the merchandise provides a feast for the eyes.

Anonymous said...

This store is very nice and the whole building looks great. Unfortunately, the neighborhood is not conducive to this type of commercial activity (at least not yet). I will be shocked if it is still open in its present form a year from now. This type of store might survive in an area like downtown Dade City, but no tourist trade is walking the streets of West Tampa.

Anonymous said...

but it can be a destination shop - much like Sherry's Yesterdaze has become for SH. Were there any other like stores in the area when Sherry opened - no - but she is making it work and keeping thing going! Continued good luck to her and her efforts.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon 2:54, the place is great, but would even be iffy surviving in South Tampa.

Anonymous said...

Went over and visited this weekend. What a great store! We're lucky to have it in Tampa. Barbara has put together and mix of genuine antiques, primitives, retro items and hand-crafted items that'll make your place look good. A lot of what she has is not easy to find -- especially in one place. So pay her a visit. You'll be pleasantly surprised. Way to go Barbara! We need more like you in our area.

Jim said...

I was in Baker and Company General Store on Howard Ave today and it is amazing! The owner Barbara Baker is so full of energy and her store brings back so many memories that I love to visit it over and over. Barb says business is great and she has done over 100 partys in her Town Hall and Victorian Tea Room!

I also read some comments from bloggers back in Dec of 06 when she opened....saying she would not be here in a year! As she now moves towards her third year in the same location, it amazes me when those people with no vision tell those with vision how they are doing things wrong...or badly! Way to go are doing great and we love you and your store!

jdmckinney2 said...

I am a frequent patron of this store and if your not, you don't know what you're missing! I have never walked away empty handed - instead I am loaded down with treasures that inspire me to race home to create, redecorate, upgrade or compliment other displays/spaces in my home. I always find unique antiques and decorations that make my home unique vs. PBish or Ethan Allen. Thanks Barb for traveling all over and bringing the best of the best back to Tampa! So glad we found you.

Jackie said...

Well it's now 2009 and that comment in 2006 about it still being is business in a year was way off the mark. This is just the best place & the owners are fantastic. You can always find something and great for those who "have everything". There's now a "doll doctor" for antique doll repair.
It's a must see and I take friends there to show it off.
Jackie in tampa