Friday, December 01, 2006

Times Preview of the Home Tour

Elizabeth Bettendorf has given us her preview of the home tour.

Bungalows take the spotlight
Architectural gems will sparkle on Sunday 's annual tour.
By ELIZABETH BETTENDORFPublished December 1, 2006

"Andy Patten and Jerry Scharba wanted to make their vintage bungalow stand out from the crowd.

That was no easy feat in a neighborhood so packed with 1920s architectural gems that it's often a pilgrimage for historic home aficionados"


"The tour includes the home of two elementary school teachers, Malcolm and Melinda Gibbs, who moved to the neighborhood in 2005. They just completed an overhaul of their home, including a kitchen makeover and refurbished hardwood floors.Also spotlighted on the tour: an Asian-inspired renovation of a 1925 bungalow. The owner, Kerry Ryan, is working on plans to complement the beautiful Japanese woodwork with a backyard Zen garden.

The Southeast Seminole Heights neighborhood is known for its mature trees, handsome historic homes and genuine sense of neighborliness; monthly porch parties and a dog park create a strong social network. It continues to attract old house lovers who want to live close to downtown Tampa."


I am Tampa said...

I guess we as a neighborhood failed to notify the city which failed to notify FDOT that the home tour will be this weekend. The road signs up and down Nebraska and the makeshift repairs on Nebraska will really help the neighborhood shine.

I am Tampa!

Anonymous said...

FDOT is the MIGHTY FDOT - the home tour will have no impact on the way they do NOT do their job. FDOT's focus is to move traffic through all the communities they impact - PERIOD. Do not try to change their mission - it is futile and you will FAIL!

Slowing traffic -adding turn lanes - on-street parking after peak rush hour - FDOT has no part of sensible planning - they do not serve the community - bow down to the mighty FDOT!!!!

(thunder and lightinging here from the man behind the curtin)

Anonymous said...

I will tell you this, There will be an accident at New Orleans. Tell me they are not so Dumb that they think the sign all the way out on the Curb is OK and safe. YOu can't see around it at all for North bound traffic until you are all the way out in the first lane.

Anonymous said...

Does FDOT have any education requirements. I am assuming since they work in the hot sun all day, they are happy to take anyone breathing to do the work. (And it shows) They are not the brightest crew. You can see why are taxes keep going up and up. It is to pay for this group of retards. You will see them working on the spot near Shadowlawn, it will have a 3foot by 5 foot hole and 7 men standing around lookint at it.

Anonymous said...

Stupid is as stupid does!

ShreksWife said...

Are you guys sure it's FDOT? Looks like its verizon who is doing the work of installing underground fiberoptics. They've been all over the n'hood over the last year doing this. The other day I drove by the group of workers at the corner of shadowlawn & nebraska and it was verizon trucks and verizon workers there digging the trenches. So, does FDOT really have anything to do with it? or is it verizon that is stupidly putting out all the cones and barricades?

You guys may be ragging on the wrong ppl! oops...