Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Help a needy family in Seminole Heights get some furnishings

(Or a family anywhere in Hillsborough County)

From Seminole Heights resident County Commissioner:

Rooms To Go is proud to present its second annual Christmas Blessing Contest.

Rooms To Go will be furnishing several needy Hillsborough County/Tampa families with brand new home furnishings this Christmas.

To nominate a needy Hillsborough County/Tampa family for this contest please submit a letter on their behalf briefly describing the family’s condition and their most pressing furniture need and the reason you feel they should be one of the recipients of this contest.

Upon submitting a letter, please include your name, phone number and contact information so we may contact you if the selection committee has any questions regarding your nominee. We will also need this information to contact you if your candidate is one of the families chosen.

All entries must be post marked no later than Wednesday December 13, 2006 all entries post marked after that date will not be considered. This deadline is critical so that we may have all deliveries completed by Christmas Day.

All entries will be evaluated by a selection committee who will choose all of the contest winners. Only the winning entries will be contacted by the committee.

Please submit all entries to:

RTG/Christmas Blessing
P.O. Box 4632
Tampa FL 33677

e-mail Kevin White at Rooms To Go


Anonymous said...

The thought of holiday giving is wonderful, but may I suggest that Mr. White use some of that suit money for this purpose!

Anonymous said...

I am no White supporter, but for God's sakes lay the heck off. This has nothing to do with him, unless you make it that way. It has to do with giving, and the person who needs and might receive. Don't complain about everything to the point of ruining it.

Anonymous said...

Kevin works for Rooms To Go and this is a corporate event. It's a good thing - I agree with Anon 9:30 - layoff.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the poster who says lay off Mr.White.
While this is a good thing, isnt it a conflict of interest for a former City Council member and now County Commissioner to use their corporate identity for chartiable endeavors. This is a grey area. Is it his job to lead Rooms to Go's community effort? I thought his resume listed him as their chief of security. He should be very careful to keep professional identity separate from his civic duties.

Anonymous said...

Enough already. Charity is Charity and this is for a good cause. I am proud to have Kevin and Jenny in our neighborhood. Kevin does many good things. Maybe not just for our little neighborhood, but his efforts are there.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:23

I think your take is all wrong - it is not Kevin White who is running this event. He provided the information that was posted and is acting as contact for information for those that read (or not as the case may be) this post. How is this a gray area? Does that mean that if you work for a bank and they have a "toys for Tots" barrel that you can't donate or deliver the donations? This is not a personal project for Kevin. If his professional idenity assists the donation process then go for it. do you think that assisting families in need may sway his vote on county council issues - I should hope so.

I would be more concerned if as an elected member of government Kevin just sat back and did not assist those in need.