Friday, December 15, 2006

The Best Christmas Lights in Tampa

Since we lived in our first house, near Miles Elementary in outer Forest Hills, we have gone to two locations for Christmas lights. Hyaleah Street and Art Pepin's House.

Hyaleah Street started off as one block where neighbors on both sides decorated and had the lights cross the road. In the years that passed, a second block of the street had joined the fun and a whole other street also is well decorated (Oklawaha) To get to Hyaleah go Busch to 40th Street to Linebaugh to Hyaleah.

Art Pepin is for tommorrow.


ShreksWife said...

This is our most FAVORITE place to visit every year. Went tonite, the owners of the house on Oklawaha (pic above, with huge oak tree full of lites) were out there tonite handing out free Christmas cd's and candy. Call me crazy, but one of the guys at that huse resembled the "hot dog nazi", Mikey, from the home depot hot dog hut. I almost asked him if it was him, but couldn't get up the nerve. got that anxious feeling I'd get when I'd have to hurry up and order a hotdog.

the coolest thing about this particular n'hood is that they have a really nice canopy of trees on some of it's streets, and the folks on Hyaleah, especially, have taken full advantage of that canopy to create a "tunnel of lights" down the street. I've always envied streets in our n'hood with similar canopies, and thought that if I lived on a street like that, I'd be tempted to try and convince my neighbors to do the same. Maybe next year, we'll see something like that here (i hope).

Anonymous said...

The hooker patrol should all get together with multiple spotlights and create the greatest christmas light spectacular on earth. All other displays will pale in comparison and the great thing is that if you follow the ray, you will find a hooker at the end of each one! Yay Seminole Heights!!!! No other neighborhood even comes close, thanks to our Hooker Patrol!

Anonymous said...

11:26, where are you getting your information from? Wht is it with you and the hooker patrol, anyway? This post is about the beauty of holiday lights and you have to mar it with your talk of hookers, which, by the way, aren't as prevalent anymore as they once were. Not to say we don't have them, but it's not like in the old days, either. We've worked hard to change people's perception of Sem Hts, and comments like yours only help to perpetuate old stereotypes.

Might I suggest that whether your comments are truly sincere or just plain sarcastic, please refrain from bringing them up in unrelated topics. It's really not that funny or appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Its that negative city employee again.Whenever we make fun of management in the code dept it always starts up I have noticed. Kind of funny.

Anonymous said...

Nah. Spelling is much better and no incoherent abusive ranting.

Anonymous said...

good call.
i would have seen the words motherfu@ker, a$$wipe, sh!tface, d@mn yankee, Pu$$ytard, maxi pad wearing on your forehead, get off my di@k, we are all gonna get it now posts.
The above post was not intended for audiences below the age of 18, anyone with heart problems, the elderly, or anyone baptist.

Colleen said...

Wow, those are some amazing lights.

I've got two blogs focusing on Tampa and Florida - any interest in a link exchange?