Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Deck The Halls- Starbucks Store Event

Deck The Halls- Starbucks Store Event
I-275 & Hillsborough (UCO)
Tampa, Florida

Come see the Starbucks Cheer Patrol at the Deck The Halls and enjoy a complementary sample of holiday beverages!

Starbucks 275 &
502 E. Hillsborough Ave.
Tampa, FL 33604

12/5/2006 - 6:00 PM - 9:30 PM


adman said...

Wow, what a sight. That is one of the most beautiful, tasteful displays. I am so glad they are in the hood.

Anonymous said...

How can this be?

I have lived in this area a long time. I have seen so many businesses come and go and have wanted to start a business here in Seminole Heights. I have been trying to do my homework by visiting some of the business owners in the area. One thing is clear. Once a member these business owners and board members do not patronize or even visit the businesses they once solicited. I may be under the wrong impression but I thought the guild was established to help promote and advance these budding businesses. In a community as this there is a great deal of sacrifice involved in opening and running a business. Where is the guild? How do they help? Who is in charge?
I have more questions than answers and will not be joining the "club". If I wanted to belong to a "click" I would open in South Tampa. I must say I am disappointed and saddened by my research.

Reconsidering my investment venture!

AngelSil said...

Huh? Anon...I'm afraid I don't grok how what you're saying relates to the post...

YesterDazed said...

Anon. 11:11 p.m.
I would like to address some of your comments here, but they seem vague and hostile. Specifics would be helpful. I'd be happy to discuss whatever issues you have in person. Regarding "Who is in charge?", I'm the president of the Guild (BGoSH), and can be reached by emailing yesterdaze(at)tampabay.rr.com.

As a S.H. business owner, I am patronized by general and board members of the neighborhood assocs. & the Guild, and I appreciate that they are not all antique collectors or vintage clothing wearers, but want to support a small business in the neighborhood.

I would be interested to learn what research you've done, and also discusss the ways the Guild can and will help your budding business.

shawn-non-anonymous said...

www.bgosh.org will answer many of those questions or help you find answers. Talking directly with the guild is probably more helpful.

Resident Blogger said...

I am always so impressed by people who talk and have no specifics and obviously no knowledge. Seems many times those that talk first and worst are the very ones who know nothing.


I have no idea what "research" you are speaking of, but I am a board member of one of these organizations, and I know that I, and my fellow board members always try to shop local first. When I did some rehab I was at Warners several times and always had a wonderful experience. When I need drugs, I go to Rose. I shop Publix, get tea at Starbuck's, and absolutely love the Antiquarian Bookshop! (they have the best soy candles) I eat at Cappy's frequently, and love the new Seminole Bakery Owners. I have gotten new tires locally and had body work done at Ralph Perez (who by the way are the all time best!!!) and had engine work done at Leroy's. I always go to the 24 hour tire fixer place next to Sweetbay. And who doesn't love the Taco Bus, Nikos, and the Three Coins?

I suggest to you that some businesses perhaps do not offer services that most residents require, and possibly some are not neighborhood friendly. Not every business deserves to thrive just because they are in the neighborhood. If they do not offer what is needed or if their customer service is poor then who wants to patronize them? I believe, however, many of our local businesses are very well patronized by the residents. Perhaps because they offer something more than simply location in the neighborhood!

You, anon are full of hot air! If the world here is so not to your lilking, I suggest you sell out and move out. But for heaven's sakes DO NOT OPEN A BUSINESS. That entitlement thing you have going won't fly!! You will go out of business, all the time blaming the residents for your poor business plan and bad attitude!

Bloggerwife said...

I'm a resident. not a business owner. But I've been to a few of the BGoSH meetings and my impression was that a group couldn't be trying any harder than they are to support local businesses. They don't have superpowers or megabucks. They're hard working business owners doing their best to help each other thrive.

Seminole said...

Anon 11:11 I'm a new business owner (working out of my home for now) and a new member of BGOSH. I've been in business for 6 months and a member for a very short time. I have had wonderful support given to me by the guild, local business owners, and the neighborhood. My business is building wooden dog beds. This isn't something anyone needs, but something someone may want. I may not make a millon bucks in the first year but it isn't because of the "hood", it's my product.

When I'm able to open a pet supply store, it will be in the Heights.

I'm sorry you've had a bad expierence. But I don't agree with your comments. Perhaps if you had a positive outlook.

Ken said...

Excuse me. I would like to address this person personally. I am a new Business in Seminole Heights, just a couple of months old. I found the Guild to be nothing short of a miracle. Sherry could not be nicer and more supportive of our store. I have seen several people from the guild come into Candles As Art. Like all of us, they are trying to run their own business and keep their heads above water. We try to work together and help promote each other. As someone else mentioned, we also go to Cappy's try to use the local mechanic, and most importantly get involved. The Business Guild is a new organization and can not perform miracles. They are having a mixer tomorrow, which I am sure will be a terrific event. If you really want to know what the guild is about, show up there and speak. I personally get very frustrated at hearing all of the negative comments on this blog. If you do not have something of value to say, then please don't say anything, isn't that one of the Golden Rules?

I apologize to those if my above sentences do not come out correctly, but hopefully you understand my point.

One last thing Anon, we all received a nice framed certificate that the Guild provided, no one told them too, they just did. We probably display so our clients can see it when they first come into the store. If it was not for the Guild and the support of our neighbors, the store would not exist. My sincere thanks to all of them.

I hope all of my friends in the Guild are doing well and I look forward to sharing some of the holiday spirit with all of you.

Ken from Candles As Art

Anonymous said...

I am trying to open a new business in SH and have found BGOSH to be a wonderful support network. They are there to help!

Anonymous said...

anon 11:11

What a Load. Sounds to me like you want someone else to do your work.

I am a SH resident, business owner, & commercial property owner since the early 80's so you could call me an old fart. But as i see it you can't depend on any organization to do your work. It's your time & money investment Why would anyone else care as much about as you?

Business guilds are nice (i'm not a member) but do you really think they have an investment into your potential business.

Come on grow some stones, do your homework & get your business going!

Seminole said...

I drove by Starbucks last night and it's just beautiful. Could you imagine what the main streets would look like if all business' decorated. I can only imagine.