Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tampa Street Market - coming soon

Running in S.H. today, I noticed that the empty Covivant Art Gallery is getting a new tenant. A sign in the window says the oddly named "Tampa Street Market" is coming soon. I say "oddly" since it's technically located at 4906 N. Florida Ave.

Anyway -- they do have old road maps hanging in their window, too. Which gave me the feeling that they'll be something like a cool, retro general store -- in the spirit of it's neighbor, Cappy's. That, of course, is specualtion and tbd. I have heard nothing about this place and was surprised when I ran by it today.

PS -- As for the Copa Cabana Cafe, aka old Coffee Bean Cafe, that place actually looks good despite the hasty opening.


YesterDazed said...

The Tampa Street Market is going to be an exciting (IMO) new addition to Seminole Heights! It's owned by Amy who has been involved with Blue Moon Trading Co. in South it will have lots of cool stuff!

Anonymous said...

I think they mean Tampa - Street market not Tampa St. Market - it's all in how you read it!

Anonymous said...

Stopped in there today and met Amy, the owner. Cute shop. Just opened Tuesday... and they have been extending their hours due to the Cappy's traffic. She said they will be getting new items every week. Here's her web address:
Great addition to the neighborhood, worth checking out.