Tuesday, December 05, 2006

More on Park Poop

Here is a follow up to Preventing Public Poop Piles Program

"Making A Stink About Dog Poop

BY NEIL JOHNSON The Tampa Tribune

Published: Dec 5, 2006

TAMPA - Brady, a rambunctious black Labrador mix, spent time romping at a Tampa dog park recently before doing what dogs inevitably do.

Brady's owner, Chris Blackburn, was there with a plastic bag to clean up the mess.

Not every dog owner does, and that's become a concern to the Tampa Bay Estuary Program, which is turning its attention to neglected piles of dog poop that can be washed into storm drains, rivers or the Bay."

. . .This year, the estuary program started a small-scale project at Rivercrest Park in Tampa to encourage people to pick up after their dogs.

. . . In October, she counted again and found the number of deposits dropped by 35 percent. However, the piles in an adjacent area increased by 25 percent."

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