Friday, December 15, 2006

It's All About The FEEL GOOD!!

So much grumbling goes on here, but this is all feel good! Scott has a real handle on this kind of stuff, but a story came my way that I felt I had to share.

For all of you who insist it has to do only with SH, the connection is that the man in question is a very best and dear friend of mine, and the story was told to me by a mutual friend. I live in SH. Hope that works for you!

.............Scene is yesterday. A very full, no seat available plane from Phoenix to Philly. My friend who travels on business every week, is always a first class passenger. He goes to sit in his seat and notices that there is a young marine,( looking about 15!) sitting near the middle of the plane. My friend, instead of taking his seat, goes to where the Marine is sitting and says,
"Sir, you are in the wrong seat. Get up!" The startled marine gets up but does not understand.

My friend says as he points to first class. "Your seat is up there" and tells him to go take his seat.
Everyone in the plane was in shock. My friend sat in the Marine’s seat and the Marine, who was going home for Christmas, enjoyed the benefits of first class!

The spirit of the gesture spread around the plane. Everyone clapped, everyone was smiling and happy. The flight crew was touched. Even the pilot came back to thank my friend. It was astounding!

During the flight, my friend sent word to the Marine that when the plane landed, he would get the Marine’s bag, rather than have him battle against the full plane of people trying to get of the plane, just to retrieve it. He told him just to get off and he would bring the bag when he got off.

The whole experience so moved everyone that when the flight landed, instead of rushing to get off the plane as is customary with travelers, every person in the standard class, which unloads after first class, stayed in their seat until my friend retrieved the bag and walked down the isle and left the plane!

When he entered the terminal, bag in hand and found the Marine, he looked around to and noticed a gathering of people, who must have heard the story from the crew and the first class passengers, and were all standing around, beaming, just to see the man who would do such a cool thing!

WOW! I am still moved. I am lucky enough to be a friend of this person. It would seem to be a wonderful, warm your heart, Christmas story. But I have to tell you, he would, and probably has, done this in July or September. It has little to do with the holiday but rather with the goodness in people.

Love a feel good story anytime, but particularly during the holiday season!!


armyBob said...

They always tell us to politely decline gestures like is nice if someone offers. I've often had anonymous folks buy dinner for a large group of Soldiers in uniform...really makes you feel good when faced with the realities of the military (seemingly endless paperwork, bureaucracy, not to mention the possibility of dying far from home). Happy Holidays!

ShreksWife said...

Thanks for sharing that story ... the world needs more people like your friend.

CouldBeSherry said...

Well I guess in the day and time they are afraid an enlisted man might be compromised in some fashion. I am glad this guy was young and apparently did not know better!

Anonymous said...

Great story of someone doing something they didn't have to, but something they choose to do. Pay it forward!

Anonymous said...

I have heard this urban myth story now 4 times from different people. Nice story, but it is just that: a STORY!!

Anonymous said...

What a great story. Your friend is a good man.

CouldBeSherry said...

Excuse me, annon 2:19! It is NOT a myth at all. If you wish I could perhaps get the flight number and you could check it out. I know the people involved very personally and it is not a tale told third party. Sorry, and bauhumbug to you too!

CouldBeSherry said...

Also I will tell you this. This is just a small example of the kind of person this man is. I thought this particular story of him was suitable for the holiday, but day in and day out, he is this kind of person. Weird, I know, but absolutely true! Who wudda thunk, a genuinely nice human being in our midst!

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:19 So what if it is a story! The message is right. Get over yourself and complain somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

We should all give up our first-class seats for the hooker patrol and shine our spotlights on them.

Mal Carne said...

I am a sarcastic and all to often negative person. I admit that from the gitgo. In an uncharacteristic flavor,I ask this question:
Can y'all just take this for it's message and not pick it apart?

Happy/Merry (fill in the blank) to all of you.

armyBob said...

Why does it have to be a story? I'm telling you, this sort of thing happens all the time.

I guess the military doesn't want the perception that tax dollars are paying for service members to fly first class, that's why they say not to accept upgrades or seat swaps.