Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Update on Dis and Dat Building at 4028 Nebraska

According to the City of Tampa Website:

They applied for permits to demo the inside only after being cited by the City. They also applied for permits on 12/15 to put a new roof on and to stucco the exterior. However all work is being put on hold by the City because the owner has not filed a notice of commencement and neither have any plans been submitted.

Interestingly enough the person listed as the Contractor/Agent: GOBERDHAN JENNIFER
has a Contractor/Agent Phone #: with 718 area code which is from Brooklyn


shawn-non-anonymous said...

Well, any debate about respect for the historic fabric of Seminole Heights is over.


There goes one of the few remaining buildings with its original facia. Am I right in remembering that the only original building larger than this one is the green building on Osborne and Florida?

Anonymous said...

They can't stucco this building!! Please, some sort of historic appeal must be made concerning this. Yuck!

Anonymous said...

What would be your suitable recommendation?

Anonymous said...

Is stucco not allowed in the neighborhood? What about Starbucks? Or Fridas? Or several other buildings on Florida and Nebraska?

Anonymous said...

I agree stucco lacks character. But I could see them stuccoing the side walls only and painting murals on them, where you would traditionally see old ads. Or like the Tampa post card on the building on Florida in downtown.

Anonymous said...

Stucco on new construction, and stucco covering historic buildings are 2 different things!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Can they not save the brick?

Anonymous said...

anon 1:33
Do you mean they are different materials?

Resident Blogger said...

Anon 12:41 you are confused. No one cares if a NEW BUILDING is stucco. It is resurfacing old structures that is bothersome. So Anon 2:05 while of corse, stucco is stucco and not two different materials, it IS two different substrates and applications.

shawn-non-anonymous said...

Stucco on a contributing historic structure (which this currently is) would make it non-contributing. It isn't that stucco is a bad thing it's that placing stucco on a beautiful brick building is like covering a mohogany antique with peel-n-stick vinyl wallpaper.

This sort of choice is likely being made because the owner of the building thinks modern is better and doesn't "get" the whole historic district thing.

On the other hand, if you smear stucco over it it'll be harder to see the huge gaping cracks and problems with its structural integrity. That'd make it easier to resell for more money. So perhaps it's being done to cover up major problems. (and may explain why permits weren't pulled before starting demolition.)

chasin strippers said...

I still say this owner is trouble. Bring out the calvary and lets chaser her and her soon to be strippers out of here!

Anonymous said...

Some of my best friends are strippers.

Anonymous said...

Strippers make good friends, they come with benefits.

Anonymous said...

Unless they drive drunk and run down and kill homeless people in our neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

or people that just happen to be walking down the street.

Greco For Mayor said...

Very interesting to watch how the city will continue with this building. You cannot convince me that Mayor Iorio's staff does not read this blog.

Sunday, Janet Zynk did an very interesing article on Mayor Iorio. In the article, it mentioned how most city employees dislike the mayor, however neighborhoods loved her. (I am not sure what "neighborhood" other than east Tampa she actually spoke with. The focus of the article was to say that Former Mayor Greco is thinking about running for re-election and is considering runing against her. At first I whinced, then I pondered over Mayor Greco's time in office. After much research, he did accomplish alot while in office, (Stadium, channelside, ybor, downtown revitalization and so much more.) His biggest weakness was the close ties to big developers, however, it was often those ties that helped him accomplish some of the big range goals. I then thought of what has Pam done. Riverwalk, Chief Hogue and the list ran dry.

The paper cited her as the catalyst in East Tampa. However, as someone involved in East Tampa I would beg to differ. We have had to fight tooth and nail to get every little thing. The paper was accurate in stating that she made no campaign promise so she did not have anything to deliver. I feel that if we want to stay stagnant in Tampa, she is a great safe choice. If we want to move our neighborhoods to the next level, we must VOTE for Change.

Pam has shown us that in 4 years, she has done very little to propel change or progress. She has been a leader that is fearful to make change. City of Tampa workers are at an all time dissatisfaction level. It is a proven fact that unhappy workers are unproductive workers.

I am not 100% thrilled that Greco is the only candidate, but I am certain that if anyone can beat her, he is the guy. I would vote for him in a heart beat if It would mean that Tampa regains its Heart beat and begins forward momentum again. YOu can find the entire article at

Anonymous said...

Yeah, let's praise Benito. Iorio is no prize, but there's no way in h e double hockey sticks that I will knowingly put organized crime back in city hall.

shawn-non-anonymous said...

Iorio came to Seminole Heights and joined one of the regular potlucks both before she was elected and after. Unless you are including Seminole Heights as part of "East Tampa", she has been active elsewhere.

While you are doing research on Iorio and Greco, take a look at the last year of Greco's term. Specifically two things: the Tampa Heights land sales (who was allowed to buy those homes and make huge profits? ) and allocations of future monies intended for flood control but redirected to the Zoo and a few other institutions. Meanwhile, parts of Tampa still flood and new bills designed to fund a new infrastructure rehab were voted down by Shawn Harisson and others who's primary constituency didn't need flood control.

If my choice is Grecco or Iorio it's no choice at all. Iorio is my candidate.

Anonymous said...

Iorio raked the retired police through the coals and sold them down the river.
She has lied about lowering the crime statistics and that is being investigated.
She smiles to your face and stabs you right in the back.
If she would have given the retirees what was right, we wouldnt be fighting her until death do us part.
be prepared for a battle.
The retirees are gearing up.
At least Dick doesnt lie right to your face.

Resident Blogger said...

I agree with 7:58. First off, no Mayor ever will be what everyone wants. They call that utopia and it doesn't exist! So you have to see what is available and pick the best. They are ALL politicians so lets get that out of the way, right off. Every Mayor who comes in must contend with what was left from previous administrations.

This includes items which linger for years. Raises being one. Everyone was annoyed and more at her raise. Thinking she gave it to herself, when in truth, it was a city policy to raise the Mayor every eight years. And this was the eighth year.

The water drainage problem is another. This basically was a problem that was ignored for years. Nothing was in process to even care about it, much less address it.

So cranking up to accomplish things can be difficult.

Now, doesn't mean I love the Mayor, and am thrilled with everything. Does mean I get it and am willing to work with her.

And Ido know this. Grecco was one of the worst things to happen to Tampa. Good ole boys who do lunch and service the needs of each other only do damage to Tampa and make a government we can never hope to participate in!

You CAN make a difference now if you work at it and participate. You have an open invitation at any time to make your needs and wishes known. It is like voting, it is a responsibility,use it.

Greco has left the building said...

Greco....hmmmm let's see - he pushed through change in Ybor and we have Centro Ybor - a private development that does not make a profit and the taxpayers cover the difference every year and are on the hook for... was it 14 more year at a current shortfall of around $750,000 a year - Iorio? - nope that was Greco.

Let's see a community investment tax for road improvements, schools and fire depts and oh by the way - a new football stadium for a Billionaire and it was stated that this contract is looked at by all other NFL owners as how to do it. Don't pay for the stadium bu tget all the advertising, skybox rents and concessions and get the first $2MM of rent all other events held there and have the commuity pay the property taxes on it to boot, now the $12MM promised in CIT tax - greedy owners wanta new indoor practice field - all that football development - that's money back in the community - Palm Beach that is - let's see Iorio assisted that "positive developement".......nope Greco.

Channelside - waiving developer impact fees - Iorio - wrong again - Greco.

Downtown revival??? It's not even there yet - where is Greco's input to that - oh wait - how much to a starchitect to design an improbable art museum for a mediorce collection - was it $11MM in design fees? Iorio - nope - Greco AGAIN!!!

I'm not necessarily a fan of Iorio and her riverwalk but buddy you need to take off the rose colored glasses you are wearing when you look at Greco's record. Pam has given tie and attention to theneighborhoods that were ignored when Greco was in office.

As too unhappy city workers - there is plenty of deadwood there that is now being held accountable for the paycheck that you and I pay - so if a little change is making them unhappy then no one is forcing them to stay for their city pension that you and I have no guarantee for from our current employers - if you don't like the heat then get the H*** out.

Change - maybe - Greco - good ole boy - mafia influence - that old south song is over and we ain't in Jersey.

Anonymous said...

Im not too thrilled with either one.
Im hoping someone else will enter the race at the last minute like Iorio did.
Speaking of deadwood in the city I havent seen Iorio do much with that either.
She has given more huge raises to top administrators and hired more top administrators than ANY mayor while stiffing the regular workers.
In my opinion thats just wrong.
The regular workers are the ones doing all the work while her attitude is "Let them eat cake."
My understanding from a "retiree" that Iorio stiffed is that the police are being looked at for falsifying crime statistics to give the image of a safer city and Iorio went right along with it.
And code is a whole different animal altogether.
She has some positive attributes.
However, Im not real satisfied with her performance.
I feel certain she has someone bought at the tampa tribune for them to slant the editorials in her favor on a regular basis.
The only time I read the truth was when the expose on code came out.
There are too many of Dick Grecos buddys still in office I am sure so for you to say she has gotten rid of them is just not true.
She has come a little ways but I dont think she has done enough.
I am waiting to see what happenes in the next few months.
If major changes arent made, I would be hesitant to give her another go.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the new paint job on the building across from disndat? neon orange and black?

Out with Iorio said...

I agree with 2:13. I will have to wait and see before I decide to vote. I am not a fan of either. However, I do not think we can move at the "Iorio pace" any longer. She moves too slow to have any real progress.

If she does not clean up the code enforcement office, Does not start foreclosures and bringing revenue back to this department, I cannot support her any longer. I have had a code issue that I have been dealing with for many years. I have met with Mr. Curtis Lane (Totally useless) have spoken with Santiago Colorado (again, totally useless lip service) and still nothing has been done. In four years, the code department has made no progress, if not moved backward.

I agree with an earlier poster that we should all pray that someone else will jump in the race late in the game to challenge both of these candidates. WE need someone with money, support, experience, etc. (SOMEBODY LIKE ROSE FERLITA)

You can't count on Frank Sanchez (2 time loser) Bob Buck Horn (1 or 2 time loser) Charlie Miranda (1 Time Loser)

Put on your think cap and find a candidate! Iorio is definatly beatable as a do nothing, or do something so slow is seems like nothing mayor.