Thursday, December 07, 2006


Interesting article in the Central Tampa Section about the City's inability to foreclosure (Perhaps it needs Viagra).

"Nearly two years ago, Mayor Pam Iorio issued an order authorizing foreclosures on non-homesteaded properties with liens and outstanding fines of 90 days or longer. City attorneys anticipated as many as 15 foreclosures a month.

As of last week, the city had not foreclosed on a single property. The city attorney's office reported five pending foreclosures filed at the Hillsborough County courthouse.

Since November 2005, city records show, code enforcement has referred about 80 cases for possible foreclosure, including Cycle Masters. The referrals are reviewed by the real estate department before the legal department decides whether to seek foreclosure.

"It's a little disappointing," City Attorney David Smith said, expressing surprise at the lack of foreclosures."

. . .

"Smith said there also have been challenges in coordinating foreclosure efforts among code enforcement, real estate and his office.

"It's a typical city situation where you have multiple departments," he said."

Thanks to an timely email I was sent by S., here is my comment:


Anonymous said...

That video is the funniest thing I have seen. That escalator must be in the City of Tampa building or city hall.

I about fell out of my chair when I read the article. This city will never follow thru with the foreclosure policy. They like to talk tough, but they know it will never be enforced. I don't think you will see the mayor back it during an election year!

Flyer anon said...

This line sums it up
"Smith said the city does not want to be in the business of acquiring properties, particularly those that might drain city coffers because of environmental problems, liens and other issues."

Anonymous said...

Maybe if they had more than an elementary school education they could come up with a plan that the properties should be acquired, then sold ASAP as is to the new owners, It would be up to the new owners to test, etc. Most cities sell their foreclosed properties on the court house steps within days or weeks of acquiring them. Then you could have redevelopment guidelines that would ensure that each property would become an asset to their respective neighborhoods.

Tampa Leaders are the biggest bunch of whimps. They have never had any intention of foreclosing on a property.

Anonymous said...

What's the backstory on Cycle Masters? And where is it?

Anonymous said...

Do the math. If the city were to foreclose on these properties and immediately sell them, the Code office would become a self sufficient, revenue generating department. They would then have money to fund special programs to help those who truly need help, they would have funds to purchase materials to correctly secure vacated properties, the would have funds to create a task force to bring properties into compliance, ie mowing teams, cleanup crews, etc.

Tampa is so short sighted it will always remain a small town, backwards hick town. They keep talking "the next great city!" They will never get there with our current administration and philosophies.

jaded1 said...

I completely agree. However, I believe it's not just the current administration, but the prevailing thought of decades of Tampa leadership.

Anonymous said...

The city attorney said it best..
"They (code) don't want to be the bad guy."
So everyone gets a free pass to do whatever in the heck they want to do here.
Its time for a regime change.
Bush got rid of Donald Rumsfeld.

Anonymous said...

We need an outsider to take over city hall. Iorio is a typical South Tampa, born and raised, shortsighted native.

Anonymous said...

Sit tight little people, you are about to see an about face and more work done in the next 4 months than ever before. Your fearless (or should you say useless) leader, Pam Iorio is seeking re-election and will have to actually work the end of her term so that she has something to tout. Watch how fast Curtis Lane gets replaced, one or two code cases gets sent to the legal team, etc. Go Pam GO!

(No really, GO, just leave, get to steppin')

Anonymous said...

While this all seems easy in theory, you have to remember, our city employees are stuck on the escalator awaiting rescue.

Anonymous said...

Many of the properties the city condemed long ago, remain still with the city because for one reason or another they are unsalable. Some are not buildable. Some are on toxic ground. Not all properties make good property for sale. Some administrations ago they loaded up and have them and are running scared to add to the collection.

Anonymous said...

Then discount, discount, discount..
Someone will take it for free!
Follow the real estate trends will ya?
Heck, just give it away, but give it to someone who will take care of it so I dont have to look at a pile of crap anymore!
Out with the old, in with the new.
If you cant do the job, we can find people that can.

Anonymous said...

Think this one through...

Imagine if the city would actually foreclose on some of these code violators. They would then sell them within 30 days. All prospective buyers would be informed of possible issues and would be purchasing them at their "own risk".

As the properties are sold, there would be restrictions that would regulate what could be done. This would ensure that each property would improve their respective neighborhood.

Bungalowlady said...

The city, at our code workshop, implied that it cherry picked the properties it forecloses. In other words, it was pristine properties in Hyde Park or on Bayshore. Not ugly properties on Nebraska. Ergo the offenders will not be foreclosed on. RE wants no environmental issues. It only wants properties that cost the city little or nothing. It only wants oproperties that it can resell at a profit.

Anonymous said...

SO code is blaming the attorneys now.
Thanks bungalowlady.

Anonymous said...

The city sends gangs and members of same into the neighborhoods to run down same and intimidate the homeownes so the properties can be picked up cheaply. If this does not work than the city will use the gang members to call in false code alarms daily or more often. In this way they intimidate or harass decent people from their property rather than paying what the property is worth. This is city-sanctioned gang activity and if it's not than the city has some explaining to do about the law enforcement and code enforcement and developer ties to the gang activity of known gang members. If the city and/or county did not intend to use eminent domain and selective code enforcement to steal property --- then I suppose they would not be advertising for eminent domain attorneys (as soon as the Supreme Court ruled the county building had eminent domain attorney job openings posted) and harassing citizens in their homes with selective code enforcement. Of course they only want lucrative properties!! They want mine so bad they intend to acquire it by any means necessary (rather than paying for it) They will acquire them by any means necessary and one of the council members has already mentioned that some of us have simply 'overstayed our welcome' (in our OWN HOMES) The city and county will send gang members to harass and victimize you from your home. The ONLY reason this is getting any attention from the Tampa Tribune is because it is a known fact that I intend to bring to light the real estate scam being perped by city and county employees utlizing employees at every level to harass, intimidate and frighten people from their homes so they can steal them or pick them up cheaply. This article came shockingly on the heels of documentation I prepared (at the county library in full view of big brother county employees) to highlight the activities of these city-sanctioned gangs while they attempt to take property from those they decide don't have the right last name or deserve to live at peace. They attack people in their homes and vehicles and do it under the color of law. They send out their "code enforcement officers" who manage to walk by blatant code violations on the way to their retirement while they post the fences of the properties they NEED and don't want to pay for.
Note the properties along the river and see if any of them are still owned by the same people as five or even two years ago.

Note how many of your neighbors are not the same people as ten years ago. Don't fall for that story of how Florida is a 'transient' state. These people are performing a hostile takeover of our city and they are authorized to do so by the highest offices in the city. When in Tampa's history have you driven through the now divided neighborhoods and seen belongings heaped at the curb every fifth house or so? When did you start looking around in your vehicle and see that the people surrounding you are gang members complete with insignia and all the rest? Who brought this?
Answer this last question for the safety of the real neighbors you have left and then please open your eyes.

Anonymous said...

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