Sunday, December 17, 2006

Blog Changes

Due to the number of inane mean spirited comments, I am thinking of changing the commenting system to require commenters to be registered with blogger before they can comment.

Feedback please.


Anonymous said...

There goes the bloggerhood.
We have all been attacked on here.
How else are you supposed to get your point across?

Anonymous said...

If you run for pubic should expect to be attacked.

Anonymous said...

I dare you to, dickhed.

Anonymous said...

Why dont you run and I will?
Im scared now-
You double dog dared me.

Anonymous said...

I think you will see a very large drop in the total number of comments if you do that...not just the mean spirited ones. Then the blog would become boring and you will get fewer hits.

shawn-non-anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:32#1 thinks attack is the only way to communicate where people will listen. People may hear and people may react, but "listening" is more than hearing, it's considering. Who takes time to consider the merits of an anonymous attack? No one.

Anonymous 10:32#2 thinks uncivil discourse and pointless attacks are excuseable because they are common against politicians. Politics has become less of a thoughtful exercise of our rights as citizens and more of a team sport where we don't care how our team wins only that it does. We've boiled down 200 years of representative government to the equivalent of a parent yelling at an umpire. This is good?

Both of these posts demonstrate why some form of moderation is being considered. Both think anonymous attack is acceptable and possibly deserved. Yuck.

However, registering with Blogger (Google) may not do too much to prevent the pointless attacks. At best we'll be able to identify which Blogger accounts are the biggest culprits (and do nothing about it). At worst we'll stifle the valuable contributors as well as the hecklers. It's a gamble over which issue will drive the audience away first. As I'm just one of the many non-Blogger responders on here, will requiring me to register be enough of an annoyance to keep me from posting in the future?

The web is all about content. Blogs especially so. If you silence all of the controversy from the blog, you make it bland and boring. You'll lose your audience.

Again, as I'm just a common reader here, it's not up to me to make that choice. It's up to the list of featured bloggers who will be expected to spend some of their free time to post information and entertainment for the rest of us.

My preference, even with all the bile, is to leave it as it is.

Beerwulf said...

I agree with shawn, but with a slight modification. If it's possible with Blogger, maybe the comments could require a name of some sort before the comment can be posted.

Anonymous said...

Yea sure..
My trifling a## is outta here then.
Or maybe I will register with the name George Bush.
I like him a lot.
A fine politician.
Now are a bit trifling today too.
Your post put me to sleep.
Freedom of speech turd head.
And by the way Politics is not a team sport.
It is still the rights of the citizens..
The citizens giveth and the citizens can taketh away.
I know for me personally, I became extra grumpy when the foul mouthed user began posting here.
So the grumpiness wore off on me.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should require a photo ID.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a good idea. I have pretty much stopped reading the blog because the comments are basically people getiing their jollies by being as aggressive and pointless as they can. it is no longer informative, simply juvenile.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading the Blog for over a year. In fact, I read it every day just to keep up on what's going on in SH. I have definitely noticed, in the last 6 months or so, an increase in the number of 'negative' (putting it mildly) posts. The blog has changed considerably in that regard, and it is disturbing. I don't really have advice about whether or not to require only 'bloggers' being able to post. I'm not a blogger and have no interest in becoming one, so I guess if you change it, I'd be left out of posting. However, I would still continue to read the blog. Having said that, just one final comment -- I think that the majority of your readers are sophisticated enough to be able to overlook or ignore the 'weirdness' that occurs here every once in a while.

CouldBeSherry said...

As one of those contributors listed on the left. and also as one frequently the subject of silly attacks. I vote to leave it as it is. Some people who have blogger names and comment frequently, can't feel free to speak out on a particular subject because of business or personal connections. It is fun trying to figure out who they are! As to the sophomoric comments of people who are trying to be cute or start something.....who cares? Everyone sees them for what they are. Entertainment.

My vote is leave well enough alone, and consider it growing pains.

IFly said...

While registering with Blogger really is no less anonymous than using the "anonymous" radio button, it does require a little extra effort and limit, again due to extra effort, the number of multiple posts by the same person trying to seem like many. If a person wants to remain anonymous, I think that's fine, and is rather prudent given the news of identity theft, and other Internet-related crime. I think that if a person has something genuine to contribute they will still do so. I think that the vitriolic comments will still occur, but the frequency should diminish as many of those sorts are too lazy to put forth even the minor extra effort required to create an account and log in. Perhaps, as some readers are less computer-oriented than others, if you choose to take this road, a brief explanation of how to establish a Blogger account and what this account is, would be in order. The previous comment is an example. The account does not require you to be a blogger, Blogger is the name of the service. I think a Google account is also functional for posting.
I've been reading this blog for nearly two years now and I have seen way more chaff than kernels of wisdom come from anonymous. It also creates a confusing discussion when one must constantly try to determine which anonymous said what.

MightBeMike said...

leave it run the risk of eliminating those who wish to contribute anonymously. Not worth it. I agree with Sherry. We all know there will be sophomoric morons playing games, but that's just part of the freedom we have to deal with. Maybe you should try appointing a team who can eliminate any excessively nasty comments. Just an idea.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if there was a feature like at
Readers would be able to "vote" on comments. If enough people vote negatively on a comment, it becomes burried and no longer shows up prominently (it's still there if you want to read it, but now requires an extra click).
My vote goes to anonymous votes and give the silent treatment to the idiotic posts.

Anonymous said...

Reading the blog has become a little disheartening, however, I like keeping up on whats going on in SH. Perhaps there could be some filter before comments get posted? Keeping the especially mean-spirited from making it on the page? This is a public forum, but it isn't like every letter to the editor written is published - let's keep it with what's relevant. If I'm reading an update on a Deli, I'm not looking for someone's political opinions on another individual....

Anonymous said...

Hello..I find that reading the SH blog is very interesting. If one is required to register the "true feeling" factor may disappear. We may find that there is a "slanted view" on facts, rumors and feedback. If I want a one sided view. I could find that and settle for the local morning newspapers, rather than the knowledge of my peers.

greg said...

I too dislike the negative tone that has developed but still check everyday for the valid info that is neighborhood focused. Some of the discourse is quite funy at times.

I'm not sure I understand the process for posting but what prevents multiple "handles" for comments both positive and negative? Do you block the negative poster and then they come back under another name and start again?

I think we all just need to learn to ignore the negative baiting post (yeah right) - they will tire of their little games and will respond less or go verbally abuse their neighbors again.

IFly said...

Registerring with Blogger in no way makes you more traceable than just browsing the blog already does. The logs that any of the site metering services(Note the multicolored block icon on the bottom left, that's are detailed enough that someone reading them could link the IP address to each individual comment if so inclined. The one thing it does do is at at least a minimal level of accountability and a minimal commitment of time and energy that would be nice first-level filter. I think, anonymous 8:36am, if you read the archives you will find plenty of dissension from registered users. The majority of replies thus far(from anonymice, no less) indicate opposition, it will be interesting to see which way it goes.

Flyer anon said...

I think it's a great idea. No ones been trashed by "Anonymous" more than I have.
If they're too cowardly to post attacks on me unless they can post as "Anonymous"
so be it.

Anonymous said...

excuse me but you were hiding under anon until yous got caught.
The blog went warp speed when you got outed.
So- why would he want to take away the pleasure?
Listen 2 what you are saying Flyer.
You threatened everyone using anon.

jaded1 said...

I read several blogs everyday, some for entertainment, some others to educate myself.
The nastiness here is mild compared to some out there. Probably the most boring is the one most heavily censored. I vote to leave it like it is. Our world is not vanilla, in fact it's become too politically correct. We are all enabled with the power to simply not read, not watch, not participate in that which we find distasteful.
While I do find some of the responses on here over the top, it does remind me that there are people with bigger problems going on in their head than I do. And they live right around the corner! So that's a plus.
Keep it like it is. There are a$$holes everywhere you go.

And, anon 6:57, if you have stopped reading the blog, how is it that you are commenting here today?

Donald Rumsfeld said...

Freedom is messy.

Anonymous said...

We all have our own opinions and feelings on every subject discussed in blogging. Although I may not like reading the negative comments, they are our right. What bothers me is the foul language and name calling that I've read. I've noticed over the past few days people have been watching what they write and I appreciate it. But if you edit the posts, you're limiting ideas, that's wrong.

Community forums are a way for us to get to know our neighbors, anonymous could be anyone even someone outside the neighborhood. Limiting the forums to SH residence and business' I think would be a better idea. I really don't want someone in Town & Country or New Tampa telling us how we should run the neighborhood. Plus, if we stick to the subject of the post we can get more accomplished.

If you limit opinions, feedback, debates, feelings or ideas, you limit creativity and friendship. I vote to leave it as is.

Beerwulf said...

You know, we could always ignore the trolls and let them go somewhere else to get their childish jollies. Freedom of speech is preserved, and we get to treat them with the disdain they deserve.

IFly said...

If there was a concentrated effort to ignore them, I would agree, but there's all too often people willing to engage them.

Anonymous said...

If these nasty people with their negative coments would just get laid, they would probably not be so grouchy.

Anonymous said...

Eliminating the anonymous comments would do much to improve the tone of the blog. My friends in south Tampa think S.H. is loaded with barbarians judging from the comments they leave. People can and will say anything if they are in no way connected to their comments.

Anonymous said...

The opinion of your South Tampa friends is exactly the reason I would really like to keep the blog free of censorship. What a bunch of hypocrites!!!

shawn-non-anonymous said...

Please note that is a *private* resource and no one has any right to post here. Constitutional free speech does not guarantee you access to private resources; you can't make the St Pete Times print your letter to the editor, for example. You do have the right to get your own blog and compete but not to use this one. Your ability to use this specific blog is a courtesy granted by its owner, Mr Banghart. In a way, you are his guest much like you could be a guest in his home and should behave accordingly.

Grading, like Digg, is an interesting idea, but provides the software and it works the way it works. I don't think it provides for some sort of grading scheme.

And personally, I don't care what "South Tampa" thinks about us. If they're willing to judge us all by a few illiterate, anonymous jerks, well, that only makes me happier I don't live down there. ThhhppPPPPpppttTT!

IFly said...

There is no censorship in this idea, no one at all is limiting what is being said unless it is patently offensive, and those comments are dealt with by the blogmaster, as he's seen necessary. All that is being considered is a small bit of accountability for what you choose to type, takes someone an extra few seconds to create an account and log-in. There still is nothing to stop someone from creating multiple accounts to appear as more than one poster, but at least if they're going to do so, they'd have to invest a bit more than clicking the submit button.

Helen Harmon said...

I'm not entirely opposed to requiring registry in order to post on the blog. It's one more step people have to take in order to make a comment. Not a bad idea considering the amount of knee-jerk, snarky comments people have been posting lately.

Regardless of what is decided, everyone should think twice before clicking the "publish" button.

Mean-spirited comments are unproductive and don't serve any purpose here. Should they continue, many individuals will stop reading the blog alltogether.

armyBob said...

Call me crazy, but I think we need a real message board. Nothing against this fine blog, but a blog is not a discussion forum...they're two similar but different animals. Maybe a moderated forum. I find it a little weird that points here as a Community Forum. A blog is not a forum!

Anonymous said...

Personally, i would never visit again. I have put my name on post previously and have been attacked. I learned real quick.

Secondly, all these ones with "names" that post. Who are they really. I could say I am Sharon Jones or MightbeMrsJones and you have no idea. In reality, I am really Sam Higganbotham.

Anonymous said...

All you haters that say .."Ill never visit again.."
"Youre are going to lose bloggers.."
You are all still here and all blogging!
You know why-
Deep inside you like getting spanked or to see your neighbor get spanked..
Or to find out who the next spankee is going to be..
Dont hate tha playa hate the game..
Tissues anyone?

IFly said...

Not disputing anon @6:38 because most likely very few are going to leave either way, but for discussion's sake consider the following. We have the "If you make me register to post I'm gonna stop reading the blog" folks and we have a number of (Paraphrasing)"The comments are getting out of hand, if it keeps up I'm gonna stop reading the blog." If one or the other of those is the choice, which would we rather see leave?

CPacific said...


That is the best"thread" ever.

What good will it do to change the accessibility to this blog?

I totally enjoy this blog site.

I do not blog here each day ......sometimes a week goes by before I go back and read .

The nastiness I see is from others here who belive that they are"better" than some of the others.
Liken it to Dr.Suess"s "stars on thars" attitude.
But hey..that is them.

Please dont change much here .I find some of the funniest people live here in this area.

AngelSil said...

I don't allow anonymous postings on my personal blog (LJ not the house blog) for the same reasons that I think we find's far too easy for the noise from trolls and naysayers to block out the signal. It's not terribly hard to setup a 'sock puppet' account if someone wishes to remain anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it might get real boring.
Who wants to put their name to anything?
If Randy, Or others cant take a little heat now..they are going to crumble like a cookie when their opponent gets to them.
The only positive thing I have seen so far is that Randy hasnt buckled.
And considering the heat that has put on him lately, I would have expected him to falter by the wayside.
Do I want to support a candidate that can take the heat or one who crys about everything.
He passed the doo doo test.
Smells Randy fresh.

Resident Blogger said...

This is what it is. Sometimes forum, sometimes informant, sometimes just musing. Are there blog rules? I don't think so. Isn't it kind of a no rules place? So if you like it, read it, comment, enjoy. If you don't go find a formal forum or whatever you require.

Anonymous said...

My doo doo shake is just about ready.
Its pooplicious.
The poopier the better.
Thats why I like Ybor Pizza so much.
Get me a slice of pooperoni or extra e-coli cheese and I am off to go see the doctor.

cartman said...

what a load

anonLaura said...

You have to admit the the majority of posters are anon. And, the most "open" disucssions are those with many anon. While the poster may choose to remain anon, their input is just as valued and ideas are usually good. I would bet that most of the "mean spirited" comments are from those with names that choose to say something occasionally as an anonymous guests. I think by limiting the users, you limit the ideas. Flyer Anon, CouldbeSherry, etc, How many times have you posted as an anon user. Keep the same "blogsentric" feel that we have all come to love.

Anonymous said...

Cartman -
You are a load of wet, brown, foul smelling crap.
I would bet to say you roll and play in your own poo because you get your jollies off that way.
What do you doo doo for fun Cartman?
Can we have a poopy play session sometime?
I will bring the poo.
My fridge is stocked.

Flyer anon said...

Hmm Laura, lets think about this....
1) My main bitch is ppl narcing out to code anonymously. So regardless of the original reason for getting a blog acct. and a handle eventually I would have seen the hypocrisy and done it anyway.
2)I'm LIKING the idea of ppl having to use some kind of a name.
3)What would I post anonymously that I wouldn't do using a name? Complementary posts in support of the code narcs actions?

Anonymous said...

I don't believe this should be censored, however, got to say, all the poop talk is a big bore!

Anonymous said...

Go get your own toilet then..
No one asked you to use mine.
Pooping is so natural.
Its like your out in the woods.
Just you and nature.
Whats wrong with eating it too?
Do you pick your nose and eat the boogers?
Behind closed doors I would say yes.
Yes you do.

Anonymous said...

Seminole Heights: "My children, do the anymous posters cause you pain, or do they tickel your pussy. Talk amongst yourselves."

Angelsil: "Waa, waa, waaa, too many anonymous posters are being morons and causing me to no longer post on the blog. I'm hanging up my hat in defeat. I cannot devote my limited time to only be smacked around by anymous posters. Grow up People!! I'm off to Jerusulem"

Flyer anon: "My main complaint is all the anymous code complaints. Waa, waa, waa. I have no problem leaving the blog, "as is," however. I just don't like you people compaining about my fence."

Greg: "I want to eliminate the anymous posts, ASAP. Someone has been writing chronicals about my hooker patrol ventures, and I don't like it. Everyone knows I am the Hooker Patrol King, and I don't like it when some asshole can anonymously post chronicals challenging my powers."

Rick F: (casts his Santaria spell on Gregg) Dead chickens, mercury, Viva La Frida Burritos full force . . . Take Gregg out, and let all of Seminole Heights know I have the power of the Norse . . . With cellphone in hand, and preprogammed number . . . I defeat Gregg's attempts, at times when he slumbers . . ."

CouldBeSherry: "There will be a meeting about anymous posting at the SEHC community center . . ."

ShaynaPunim: "Get rid of anymous posts! I was robbed by anymous Puerto Ricans at McDonalds on MLK."

Ranbar" "If elected to city counsel, I will levy fines against all anymous posters." I will also increase funding to the hooker patrol"

. . . Stay tuned to the next episode of the Seminole Heights Chronicals (anymously posted, of course.)

Anonymous said...

How boring would that be? Keep it as it is. Some people may post and be a$$*oles but because it is anon, they are just showing their true colors. Let's keep it real and keep it anon. People feel more comfortable that way.

Anonymous said...

Nikko's, 3 Coins or the italian joint over the river on Hillsborough?

return of the anon said...

How funny anon.
Chronicle some more.
You are making Mr. Poopyhead laugh all the way to the outhouse.
But dont cross the line too much with Sherry.
Shes the only person thats been able to clean up my street in years.
I will have to pimp smack you all the back to Trollbraska.
The trollmaster with a poop fetish protects those who seek, identify, and eliminate the filth.
Sherry just happens to be on my list of confidential protectees.
Along with the police..and here lately that has included the major and the Officer discussed below, the garbage collectors, and of course my fine looking code lady.
What does a a poop collector like me have to do to get a date.
Do you think she would like to change my diaper?

C3P0ANON said...

Seminal heights chronicals?
Donald Rumsfeld and George Bush.
If the mcdonalds on hillsborough doesnt kill me first, this blog may give me the next big one.
Long Live Anonymous postings!!!!!!
Off with the haters heads!!!!!
Chop Chop

Anonymous said...

Two words.....Baker Act

ShaynaPunim said...

Hey jackass Anonymous : 12/19/2006 6:58 PM

"ShaynaPunim: "Get rid of anymous posts! I was robbed by anymous Puerto Ricans at McDonalds on MLK."



Anonymous said...

Viva Puerto Rico! Aribba, aribba, maricon.

CookiePuss said...

Not being able to post anonymously makes the baby jesus cry.

Anonymous said...

A word to the wise:

Do not make our anonymous bungholes angry! Should you eliminate anonymous postins, all of us anonymous posters will form an anonymous witch's coven and will cast a dark, dark spell across all of Seminole Heights. The streets will flow with the blood of the non-believers! The true evil mongers such as Gregg and the hooker patrol will suffer a most horrifying ordeal. The hookers will be zombified and will torment each and every one of you! Is that what you want? Let's keep it on the downlow so we don't have to weave our evil, evil spell. Ha, Ha, Ha . . . Ha, Ha, Ha!!!

Anonymous said...

What happened to the right to be anonymous? The Mayor and City council elections are near. Why change now?

shawn-non-anonymous said...

er... what right to be anonymous? I think I missed that part of the Constitution.

Seminole Heights said...

Yes it is.

We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, ensure anonymity in blog postings,promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's exactly how the song went on Schoolhouse Rock!

Where did they come up with those lyrics, anyway?

Greg said...

the same guy wrote "Conjunction Junction"!

ShreksWife said...

That's the only way I can remember it! I sing it to myself!!!
Schoolhouse Rock "rocked"!!!!

Jonathan Wilson said...

But seriously folks, here's an honest question about Blogger and a suggestion:

Can you filter and block by IP address?

Just block offenders on a case by case basis.

That way, those who choose to be anonymous and actually do contribute thoughtful, intelligent and unabusive comments aren't punished.

IFly said...

Even if it were in the power of Blogger, which I don't think it is, most of us have dynamic IP's. Regular use allows the lease to extend virtually forever, but a clever person could get around that and get a fresh new IP address, plus there are plenty of free proxies that could circumvent that as well. I still don't see how anyone is being punished by setting up a Blogger or Google account. Just pick a username like Iwannabeanonymous2007 and there you go, you're just as anonymous as you were before. For the truly paranoid set up a seperate yahoo or hotmail email account even. Perhaps it's because of the holidays, but the past week or so gives the impression that the blog has jumped the shark. Let's hope it's temporary, but the trolls appear to be winning.

Anonymous said...

Don't give the little mutants the pleasure. Ignore them, their mothers do. Simply because most of us choose not to engage the retards doesn't mean that anyone takes them seriously.It's like watching a sloppy drunk. At some point, you just turn away.

Anonymous said...

Its poo-tylicious.
Like my girl Beyonce.
You know you like me.
You cant fight the funk.
Or the funky smell.
Quit ur crying flyboy.

shawn-non-anonymous said...

The signal-to-noise ratio on this blog has gotten bad. Newsgroups have fought over this issues since before HTTP was invented. The usual compromise is one set of people (often the literate set) goes off to form a moderated group and the original group remains unmoderated. However, the quality of the unmoderated group declines considerably.

(Some of this may be due to hurt feelings in the fight or annoyance, but a good chunk is due to the valuable contributors leaving.)