Friday, December 15, 2006

Atta Boy Officer Gabriel!

By VALERIE KALFRIN The Tampa Tribune
Published: Dec 15, 2006

The relevance here is that the officer mentioned in this article is SESH's own, Wayne Gabriel! Recently Gabriel was tasked to work in conjunction with Code Officer Kristin McRae on the tough cases in SESH.

Great work Gabriel!

TAMPA - Clothing-store manager LouAnn Eldredge remembers an armed man hopping out of a black Nissan Altima on Wednesday and demanding the bank-deposit bag in her hands.
"Gimme the money or you're gonna die today," she said he told her.

"I just threw the bag at him," Eldredge said Thursday.

Thanks in part to Eldredge's description of the car and the gunman, Tampa police charged three teenagers Thursday with felony armed robbery.

Devin Letaeveon Smith, 19; Devin Antionne Kelly, 18; and Andrew Harris, 17, all of Tampa, are accused of robbing Eldredge outside Simply Fashions at 2525 E. Hillsborough Ave., police said.
Smith also is charged in the Sunday felony armed robbery of a Family Dollar at 6310 S. Dale Mabry Highway, police said.

Police are investigating possible links to at least four other heists in Tampa since July in which robbers took bank-deposit bags from store employees.

Detectives arrested the teenagers shortly after 8 a.m. Thursday.

An officer patrolling near Hillsborough and Nebraska avenues spotted an Altima listed on the police department's "hot sheet" of stolen cars and began following it, police spokeswoman Andrea Davis said.

The car headed into a residential area and crashed into a pickup truck at 3108 E. Knollwood St., Davis said. The driver and two others, later identified as the teenagers, ran and hid in a shed at 3101 E. Elm St., where a police dog found them.

The teenagers also are charged with felony grand-theft auto of the Altima and felony burglary of the shed, she said.

NewsChannel 8 reporter Lynn Carson contributed to this report. Reporter Valerie Kalfrin can be reached at (813) 259-7800.


MightBeMike said...

I went to high school with Wayne Gabriel. I see him around our neighborhood at least a couple of times per week. He is always asking me if there are any issues that the hood is having problems with. He has been with the force for over 20 years and currently also works on the Bomb Squad. He is an outstanding guy. Thanks, Wayne

Anonymous said...

This case is a perfect example of why we need the DEATH PENALTY!!!! These youth's are losers and menace to society. They have a lengthy rap sheet with prevous burgulary. The one with teh dreads kept looking at the camera last night laughing. Let's see how much he laughs as he is sitting his but in jail. I am so tired of society going easy on these crooks. Get tough and bring crime down.

Anonymous said...

What about the clown in North Tampa last week who pulled the tigger on a deputy but it misfired.
He was just released on probation for attempted murder.
These clowns here might have tried the same thing on our officer gabriel.
I am over this crap.
I also see the police frequently in the hood and I rarely see the trash walking around here anymore looking for a house to case.
That was a big catch though for officer gabriel.
In fifteen minutes of good police work, he solved many of the armed robberies in the city of tampa over the last 6 months.
I wonder if there is a way for us to recognize him?
That could have been one of us getting pistol whipped.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing to me that he had the mindset to notice the stolen car, chase them down, and capture the suspects, all without regard to his own safety. What if they were looking for a business to rob in SESH that day? Or what if they were looking to rob one of us? Either the police have put more officers here or I am imagining things. It seems like every day I see more police driving around making sure we are safe. Whatever the major has done out here, it is working. We have put many a politician into office. Imagine what could be done across the city if the people that are making a difference here had more power.

Anonymous said...

Officer Gabriel for President!!

Anonymous said...

Major Guidara must be proud.
Not only can this guy work with other agencies he can also catch mutiple felons at the same time just by looking at a car coming down the road.
Isnt that something.
Thats a smart officer right there.
Dont come into SESH and think your gonna jack someone.
The police got our backs.......

Anonymous said...

good job, keep it up. i have noticed a huge difference out here. thanks officer gabriel for everything you do!!!

Will said...

Good Job Wayne. Thanks again for being my best man at my wedding. BTW - Lori and I remarried. Give us a call 813-949-4586
William Capp