Thursday, December 14, 2006

Correction: Tampa - Street Market

I spoke directly to the owner, Amy Haynie, yesterday and walked around the new place. She is HOPING to open by this Sat., Dec. 16. Info about her store can be found at She is located adjacent to Cappy's garden eating section in the old art gallery building. (4906 N. Florida Ave.)

My understanding is that Amy is not only going to sell antiques and custom furniture, but they will customize the furniture that you buy or already own, too. They also accept donations of cans of latex paint, in an effort help Seminole Heights be/stay green.

Amy is already a Seminole Heights resident and said she is very happy that she was able to find a location in her neighborhood to open the business. I'm sure many of us will be happy she did as well.

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Amber said...

Cute place - I peeked in the window while eating at Cappys