Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What's Going in There?

Across from Blue Sea Seafood restaurant, there is a store front where it looks like they put plywood over the windows and then cut roundish holes in them. What's going in there?

The showroom building for Warner's Plumbing had been up for rent, and now looks like it is being moved into. What's going in there?

The THAP old bank building at Hillsborough and 13th is having some of its false front removed. What going in there?


NewHeightsMag said...

Not sure, but that's all very cool -- unless it's Gentlemen's Clubs, of course.

I just found Blue Sea Seafood. Great little place, however it begs another question:

Is there a place in S.H. as clean and nice as Blue Sea, but for steaks and meats. (Please, don't say House of Meats or it's neighboring place.)

Resident Blogger said...

I believe you will find a Liquor Store and sandwich shop going in warners. It will be devided into a larger space and a smaller one.

Beerwulf said...

torgo - I've been in HOM and Abuela's once and never again. Not clean, meat not that good. I'm going to give Cacciatore Bro's a try to see if they have decent prices on whole beef tenderloin.

Anonymous said...

While we're in the 'what's going on in there?' mode... does anybody know anything about the "Creole Bistro" and whatever else is in that strip of storefronts just north of Stephanno's on Florida Ave? Is the 'bistro' a real place to eat, or am I missing something?

NewHeightsMag said...

Yeah -- I went in Abuela's. There's just got to be something better. However, if you're talking about Cacciatore Bros on Columbus -- they now have a new name (but I haven't been there either -- although I've heard some good things). Thanks for the info! As for the Creole place, I have been in there. They sell sandwiches and the like in a deli-style fashion. They had big empty serving pans -- making me think at peak hours they serve rice, beans and all that good stuff. The place seemed clean and there was plenty of seating. There were kid's being babysat right in the store (in the style of what they do at Home of Gyros) -- but they seemed well behaved.

Anonymous said...

The Bahia cafe across from the Blue Sea fish market (corner of E. Flora and Nebraska) expanded into the old medical supply store on their end of the building. The oval openings are little windows with neon sings. Have not been in myself