Friday, December 29, 2006

Grumpy's commentary

We have a lot of blogs in Seminole Heights, covering various topics. Several of them are very good. Ranking in the top is Dont You Hate It When by Grumpy. He has recently moved up in the blogging world, because he was referenced yesterday by Wayne Garcia in the Blurbex blog of the Weekly Planet(oops Creative Loafing). I always enjoy Grumpy's take on the world. Yesterday, I especially enjoyed his commentary about my proposed changes on the blog. Bookmark his blog. It ought to be a regular reader.

On thing I felt has happened is that the negative comments have driven away some of the writers. Stone path writes a good post about Martha's restaurant and gets jumped on. That the her only post. I have developed a thick skin and let most things run off my back. (I like mixing metaphors). However many of the other writers are not used to getting bashed. Treat them gently and give them a chance to develop blogging callouses.

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Anonymous said...

Under condition of anonymity, I'll say "well put".