Friday, March 03, 2006

Weekly Planet as Urban Explorers

The Weekply Planet written one of the coolest stories I have seen, ever. They have gone where no man has gone before, well ......actually, where most of us can't go.

"Where have you always wanted to go but figured you wouldn't be able to get in -- at least not without a press pass, a VIP invite or a death wish?

That's the question that drove this year's UrbanExplorer's Handbook.

In our inaugural edition ofthe handbook in 2005, we focused on neighborhoods -- areas that balance urban complexity with small-town character in ways unique to Tampa Bay. Places, in other words, we hoped you would explore, too, if you hadn't already."

Our towering white neighbor to the north (no... it's not Canada) it on the list. As are alot of cool places.

"Landmarks loomed large: the Sulphur Springs water tower, the UT minarets, the top floor of AmSouth. Anything that was way up high or way down under: the top of the Trop, that bomb shelter behind Al Capote Dry Cleaners. Closed doors were a temptation, too: a police evidence locker, the Lightning locker room and the
dressing (or un-dressing) room at the 2001 Odyssey strip club."

So what places do we have like that in Seminole Heights? Perhaps they aren't arcane or secretive enough for the Weekly Planet, but that we would find interesting or strange or may places we can't get to or maybe have just not gotten around to doing?

I propose the following:
The carillion tower of Hillsborough High School.
The steeple for the Seminole Heights Baptist Church.
The Troll Bridge under I-275
The Captain's Bridge on the Department of Juvenile Justice Building
Behind the scenes at Blount funeral home.
The back seat of a TPD cruiser
All of backrooms/storage areas of Publix
Jean Street boatyard
Assorted interesting houses (anyone have any specific place in mind?)
The men's room in Niko's

Anyone have any other places?


Seminole Heights said...

A former neighbor who had grown up in Seminole Heights mentioned a large old house on the River that had a basement. I know someone up on the north side of the river with a basement, but it wasn't that house. The original story teller couldn't recall where *exactly* the house was. I always wondered if it still existed (and somehow survived being torn down for a modern McMansion), and if it could be found, would the owners allow a tour like this? maybe if the location were not revealed? Do the owners know the history? Local lore said basement was built to take advantge of elevated lot by river, and came in handy rum running during Prohibition.

hmmmm- any SH residents (or anyone in Tampa) ever hear this story? truth or fiction?


ranbar said...

There are a few houses in Seminole Heights with basements. Two have been on the Old Seminole Heights home tour and one, I believe, is currently for sale.

Anonymous said...

We have a basement; we live on Central Avenue; we have not been on the home tour and our home is not for sale. I think it was a storage area for canned goods.

Anonymoose said...

Regarding the men's room at Nicko's, I've been frequenting Nicko's for the past several months, but not had the occasion to visit the men's room, was that a sarcastic suggestion, or am I missing something :-). Inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

if you have not been to visit the men's room at Nicko's then count your lucky stars and strike it off your "things to do" list!

Seminole Heights said...

It is the only bathroom I have been in that could be called a maze or a rabbit warren. The most non-ADA bathroom that ever existed.

Helen said...

I believe that there are 5 or 6 houses in Seminole Heights that have basements.

Some other interesting Seminole Heights explorations:

The basement at Nicko's.

The basement at Alpine Liquor.

The kitchen at the taco stand.

A canoe trip down the Hillsborough River.

A motel room at the Loma Linda.

The Corner Club.

Anonymous said...

What about those odd little storefront "churches" that are in the neighborhood. Or maybe the one in the old Seminole theatre.

Anonymous said...

how about purity springs, the best place in town for a picnic, or even the sulphur springs park the coolest place maybe in tampa

Anonymous said...

Where is Purity Springs?

Shawn-non-anonymous said...

Nicko's basement is amazing. It's as large as the restaraunt and comes with some pretty cool stories and history.

The Corner Club is a great dive bar. I recommend it on kareoke night. Myself and a big group of neighbors, many gay, went in there one night and had a blast. Zero attitude. Just note: cell phones only work in the mens bathroom, which is a wooden lean-to addition.

Anonymous said...

purity springs is off florida, on the road across the street from the water tower where the marina is.[i am not sure of the street name] on the right hand side before you get to any houses. there is a small place where you can park on the side of the road.
the water used to run downtown where they made purity springs beer.