Sunday, March 12, 2006

Searching for locksmith for old locks

From an email:

Do you know of a local locksmith who is sympathetic to those of us who want to keep our old, original locks? I need work done to and a key for an exterior handle/lockset.

I checked in at Citywide and the fellow there just basically said "get a new one". So he didn't get it. I was wondering if anyone had a positive experience with
someone close by.
Anyone have the answer to that question?

I do know that if you are looking for old locksets that use skeleton keys, Sherry at Yesterdaze sells them. Tampa Bay Hardware has skeleton key blanks, to make more keys from.


Anonymous said...

That locksmith on florida and hillsborough sevices those locks and has keys.

Anonymous said...

The locksmith at Florida & Hillsborough is mentioned before, no luck there.

Anonymous said...

oh well, I got keys there and the guy fixed two of my locks. guess i was lucky