Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tired of being a long hair?

From a reader whose husband uses a cool barber shop in Ybor that was mentioned in the Tribune.

"Nathan gets his hair cut by Scott down in Ybor. He does a great job and spends an entire hour on that lovely head -- no clippers, it is all done by hand. He even does the old fashioned shave with the single blade and hot foam. I love to go with Nathan when I can - get to have some good sangria or a great microbrew on tap, have some tapas, and read Weekly Planet while sitting at one of the cafe tables outside. It is inside the King Corona Cafe on 7th down in Ybor.

Highly recommend it to anyone wanting an experience, rather than just a hair cut.

Not sure he does woman's cuts. Never asked."

Well, as anyone who has seen me this week can tell, I am due for a haircut, so I might give it a try.


Shawn-non-anonymous said...

Don't forget Buck's Barbershop in the strip mall on Powhatan and Nebraska. Open Weds-Friday. Buck has been there a very long time. Great old-fashioned clipper cuts. $10. And if you ask questions, you'll hear all sorts of Seminole Heights and Tampa history.

Devon said...

Plus at Buck's you can get a little taxidermy done on the side.

DanOnLambright said...

Scott cuts a mean pompadour and you smoke a cigar and have a pint while you wait!

Shawn-non-anonymous said...

Great for smokers. Bad for us non-smokers. But I do like the guiness at King Carona, I must admit.