Sunday, March 12, 2006

Vespa Man

Today, I ran into Vespa Man at Publix (the store where you meet everyone in Seminole Heights). He was parked next to me and was loading up his Vespa with his groceries as I was loading up my truck. I commented on what a cool Vespa he had. He told me he owns 3 of them and he and his wife use them in place of their car. He drives to work at USF every day on it. It gets 85 miles to the gallon and can go up to 70 miles per hour. He once made a trip to Atlanta on it. He belongs to a group called Tampa 2 Strokes. Every Sunday at 11:00? they meet at Nicko's and then go on a road trip. I remember reading about them in the Weekly Planet or TBT ( I tried to find the link but could not). There was a photo of them driving down Nebraska by the brick building near the old Eckerds. How cool. Vespa Man and Vespa Woman live down the street from Publix. One more set of interesting and cool Seminole Heights people.

I did find a St. Pete Times story about scooters in general.

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Helen said...

Vespa Man's name is Jason and his wife's name is Jennifer. They are really cool people and we are very glad to have them in the neighborhood. Please say hello to them if you see them around!