Thursday, March 09, 2006


There is an article in todays TBT* (page 8) about the high pollen counts we see (yes literally see) on our cars and sidewalks. It features a photo of pollen sitting on a leaf in Seminole Heights. (Way to go leaf!)

This is the time of the year when cars, porches,sidewalks need daily bathes. What can be done per the article? Stay indoors and take antihistamines. If you jog, do so late in the afternoon after the trees have stopped blooming.

We use an herbal tea called Yogi Tea that seems to help.

Added note: I did not really believe in herbal teas until my last cold. Everyomne around was sick. sick, sick. I started coming down with the usual symptoms. Susan recommended for the nth time (I'm a little dense at times) that I try the teas. End Result, I had the mildest version of the cold I ever had. Maybe it was only a placebo effect, but it worked for me. Oh and I also handwashed alot. A great deal of handwashing.

I used the Cold Season Tea Sampler

Breathe Deep — Respiratory Support
Breathe Deep comforts and clears the mucous membranes and relaxes the muscles of the respiratory tract-benefiting your complete respiratory health. This safe and effective formula also helps counter many of the negative effects of stress and pollution.

Cold Season — Nasal and Bronchial Aid
Cold Season is safe, seasonal support for chilly weather, promoting free breathing as well as sinus, nasal and bronchial function. It's the perfect way to gently soothe membranes of the respiratory tract and encourage better adrenal function.

Echinacea Immune Support — Immune System Boost
Echinacea Immune Support assists your body's natural defense system by enhancing normal immune response. This healing formula is the natural path to a healthy immune system, while promoting efficient respiratory function.

Throat Comfort — Throat Health Support
Throat Comfort is soothing relief for minor irritations in the mucous membranes of the trachea and throat. This safe and beneficial formula also warms the respiratory tract, and helps suppress spasms of the muscles lining the bronchioles.

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kate said...

Pollen is the worst! My poor boys just sniffle all day. Seems bad at night, too, and inside no less. How to solve it? I wonder if those "towers" that purify the air in bedrooms and living rooms really work. I'm willing to try anything at this point.