Saturday, March 11, 2006

Wedding of the Century

Tonight was the social event for Southeast Seminole Heights. All the neighborhood paparrazi and gliterratti were there, as was several of the who's who of Southeast Seminole Heights, all for the wedding and reception of Maria Garcia (Princess Fiona) and Manny Gutierrez (Shrek). Maria is our one of our favorite sisters in our neighborhood family. The wedding was held in the beatiful backyard of Stan and Louie. The ceremony was performed in their wrought iron, vine covered gazebo. Many of the neighbors helped with this community wedding, including Sherry, Ellison, Erin, Kristina and many others. Sort of a Home Improvement Team gets married. Prior to and during the ceremony, neighbor John McColley played beautiful harp music

There was plenty of drinks and food and guests partaking of it all. The moon looked down on the wedding event while the music from the Buena Vista Social Club played in the background. Flickering lamps all over the backyard provided atmosphere, as did the running of the waterfall flowing into the blue tinted swimming pool and from fountains in two backyard ponds.

Some of the official drinks of Southeast Seminole Heights were served:

Latin Lover
1/3 buttershots
1/3 Baileys
1/3 milk

Havana Sunset
1/3 Malibu Rum
1/3 pineapple juice
Top with cranberry juice

Angry Ogre
1/3 Apple pucker
Dash of OJ
Dash of Cranberry Juice

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