Friday, March 31, 2006

Neighborhood Watch

Today I was asked by a reader, Jose Gelats whether the Neighborhood Protection Watch was still on. I did not have time to search the internet to find out if it was and where it was.

I found out by accident tonight that it was. I went to our neighborhood Publix and stumbled across people giving out maps to the event. It was tonight from 9:00PM to 11PM. Apparently there were 13 artists showing projecting their work on houses on Roberta Circle, 9th Street near Comanche, Comanche, Powhattan (both between 9th ans 11th), Fern at the bend, and just down the street on North Street between 12 and 13th streets were 4 houses and finally around the corner at 13th near Diana.

Apparently the artists were bacox, borcila, blackwell, carrejo, cheatham, costantino, goodwin, hampton, holland, kitzerow, kral, larsen, nogami, slinko, and walker. The reception and awards ceremony was at 1220 E. north street.

It's too bad there was not more publicity.


Helen said...

Any idea who organized this event? I can see Lake Roberta from my front porch and heard nothing about it. Too bad...

Anonymous said...

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