Monday, March 20, 2006

Dog Parks

In a email I received from South Seminole Heights in February regarding their park improvement plan, there was some comments about Dog Parks.

"Because there were 3 Yes’s on The Dog Park, I went to Al Lopez Park to check out their dog park. The dog park is about 150’x 300’, with a small dog section contained in the area. The dog park is enclosed by a 4’ painted chain link fence, with 3 water fountains- people/pet, a poop bag station, 3 or 4 trash cans, and 3 picnic tables. "

Hey guys, there is closer dog park at Giddens Park (12th and Giddens) next to the Kathryn Malone Center, and unlike the crazy people in Palma Ceia, we welcome visitors.

Here is our dog park

For hot dogs.

For hotdogs!


Anonymous said...

just a short drive through downtown and you can reach the very nice davis islands dog park where your dogs can even go for a swim at the doggy there are always other dogs there to interact with...

shawn said...

There are two dog parks on Davis island. One near the airport that has water access, fencing to the water, and a dog-wash station. The other is further out and nothing but a huge grassy area with no shade. Great for throwing balls.

The Giddens park is nice and the one we go to most often. However, I've heard from other dog owners that there can be agressive pit bulls there from time to time. They recommended we leave if one of the pit bulls arrives.

ErinP said...

FYI - A neighbor who frequents the Giddens dog park recently had his beuatiful dog get pretty mutilated by a pit bull at Al Lopez, so it is smart to beware of any dogs that are not socialized or have owners that don't watch out for aggression - no matter what park you are at. It isn't specific to Giddens.

Rafe said...

ErinP beat me to this - apparently, another woman whose dog attacked Laurie's dogs (the woman who runs Four Paws' Sake pet sitting service) has a history of this, and made no move whatsoever to restrain her animal (which is known to be dog-aggressive, and wasn't even collared, much less on a leash, and free to run with others) as it mauled Laurie's dogs.

Thank goodness Animal Services were nearby, or they could have been more seriously hurt.

Some people (not their pets) should be put down, it seems. :-|

TC said...

Palma Ceia won't let outsiders use their park?

SH Resident said...

I was told about two weeks ago that Rowlett Park also now has a dog park. We've been there 2 or 3 times and it's very big and the dogs can run and, the times my kids and I have been there, there weren't that many dogs to contend with.

Anonymous said...

Re Palma Ceia, my wife and I have been taking our Labradoodle there almost weekly for the last 4 months and haven't had a problem. Conversely, we took her to Al Lopez once and she was ganged up on and knocked over by three dogs at once, one of which was a Pitbull who the owner said the dog was just "being mouthy". It almost got physical with the owner as well, so we don't plan to ever go there again. It's a shame but I am so glad to hear that Giddens has one!

E Jean St

Anonymous said...

From the photo, it looks like a vacant city lot? Not bad use. A bit small but for those with no fenced-in yard or a small yard, it looks great and convenient.