Thursday, March 09, 2006

In the Central Tampa Hood

Brad Hissing of Riverside Heights add his commentary about the loss of the Central Tampa section in a letter to the editor in the Weekly Planet.

By the way, John Sugg, big time writer of the Weekly Planet, who went corporate and moved to the Atlanta offices, used to live in Seminole Heights. We and thousands and thousands of other people met him when his house was on the home tour. If you wanted a poster boy for the attitude of a Seminole Heightsian, he would be it.


Bungalowlady said...

Well, now the Trib says it will e April 6th before we re-appear. I found it annoying that making So. Tampa mad was their top priority. I guess we don't count with the Trib. But that's not news to any of us.

tiny said...

What do they know.
We moved to Riverside Heights in '98 bought a 2,000 sq ft house a block off the river for 80,000. We loved the brick streets, abundance of parks, neighbors who'd lived there forever, the fact that not one major E/W or N/S road came through the neighborhood, and we are no more than ten minute from just about everything in Tampa.
Definitely one of Tampa's best little secrets.
What we left was Hyde Park, no parking, stuck up yuppie neighbors, one park, every good business folding under real estate spec and near sighted councilpersons, and it took ten minutes to go from bayshore to kennedy.
Don't know what our house is worth now but an 1100 sq ft house three blocks from the river just sold for 250,000, you do the math.