Thursday, March 09, 2006

Actions continues on site line violations

According to our intrepid Kathy Steele, more action has occurred regarding those car lots that block sight lines. One fence is being ordered to be relocated.

Fatality Brings Out City Code Inspectors
The Tampa Tribune Thu, 09 Mar 2006 3:56 AM PST
SEMINOLE HEIGHTS - City code inspectors say they have found numerous
intersections on Nebraska and Florida avenues where chain link fences, signs,
shrubbery and parked vehicles block motorists' view of traffic.

"In the past week, they have put more than 60 businesses, most of them car
lots, on notice to clear the obstructions. Among them was R & J Auto Sales,
7430 N. Florida Ave., which was told to relocate a portion of chain-link fence
at a used car lot it owns at 5607 N. Florida Ave."

Maybe these actions can spur dealing with other issues with those businesses.


Anonymous said...

What are the other issues?

I recently moved to the area and have found the high concentration of used car dealerships bizarre.

Besides the obvious aesthetic issues, are there legal issues?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad this issue is getting attention but sorry for the way it has come about. My concern has been and continues to be the flimsy fence that borders our homes from I-275. On or about February 19th the fence was taken out by a car that went off the interstate and landed on our street (where our children play and ride their bikes). That fence has yet to be repaired putting our residents and children in even greater danger. Apparently it will take another fatality to try to get this matter resolved. Very sad.