Friday, March 03, 2006

Vote Seminole Heights

I am starting a series called VOTE SEMINOLE HEIGHTS. In order for Seminole Heights to get it's issues taken care of we need to be listened. In order to be listened to we need power. We will get power by being organized. We will get power by being on local boards and commissions. We will get power by running for office. We will get power by expression our concerns and opinion to our leaders as groups. We need to vote for things on how they will affect Seminole Heights

Tonight at the SE Seminole Hts porch party, I was speaking to Randy Baron, preaident of Old Seminole Heights. He has a couple ideas.

The first was Seminole Heights needs to be in it's own City Council district. His idea was to get us moved to District 6, carving out some from District 5 and 7. I agree. I don't know what the process it to get that done but will look into it. We may need to have a signature campaign.

The second is to have some an organized dialogues with state elected officials on issues with broader focus than the narrow neighborhood focus.

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