Thursday, March 09, 2006

Port Tampa gets a blog

Head south down Westshore, keep going, keep going, keep going, until you can't any more. Congratulations, you have arrived at the deep south Tampa, otherwise known as Port Tampa.

That area, home of the Civic Association of Port Tampa, now has its own blog, called "Port Tampa".

This area is more like Seminole Heights than "South Tampa." They used to have a home tour years ago.

Port Tampa should not be confused with the Port of Tampa, which is located near 22nd and Adamo area. Port Tampa used to be a city in it's own right, just like Ybor City was.

So take your mouse for a drive down there and then sometime, take your car for a drive down there. It's a nice area with an active civic association leadership. I am always reading about the President, Jill Buford in the paper. One of the cool places in Port Tampa is the library building, a restored old bank building.

Port Tampa blog, welcome!

She also has a second blog, Let's get Serial, where she is writing her novel.


Anonymoose said...

Port Tampa is great once you get through the new development and the plain-looking tract housing south of Gandy. My grandmother lived there all her life. Back when MacDill was more active I remember the excitement I felt as a kid when the jets would fly over. There are some gorgeous historical homes, I remember the home tour, and would love to see it return. Picnic Island is a great place for an afternoon outing.

ECF Pres. said...

David-Thanks for noticing.

Anonymoose-drop by the Port Tampa blog and share some of those memories.