Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Personal Energy Transportation (PET) At New Orleans Baptist Church

An eagle eyed reader sent me a flyer on this.

The New Orleans Baptist Church (aka Faith Baptist Church) at 1109 E. Osborne Avenue is getting a new lease on life. This church, that came close to shutting down is now involved in Personal Energy Transportation (PET) Project. This project builds and delivers PETs wheeled, hand cranked transportation devices for those in developing countries who have mobility needs.

"The Personal Energy Transportation (PET) Project's mission is to provide mobility for all of God's children in need. We seek to provide mobility first for those in greatest need and with the least resources. Many of the people we serve have less than $100.00 a year cash income. "

"The PET is designed for rural areas where trails and roads are rough and where the driver will often need to carry a load.

Wheelchairs are very difficult to move over rough terrain and will soon fall apart. In rural areas many streets are cobblestone or dirt or simply foot paths or bicycle trails. People have a terrible time trying to maneuver a wheelchair over them but PETs scoot right along on the sarne terrain. "

The PET's are built in 8 workshops in the US and sent to 55 different countries.

The Tampa Director is Jeff Sukup who can be reached at 625-7789. If you want to get involved their workshop is open on Thursdays from 1:30 to 4:30 p.M. and Saturdays 9AM to 3PM.

For more info go to the South Florida Website. There is a Tampa Website but it does not seem to be completely finished.

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Anonymous said...

How did the church get permission to conduct an assembly/manufacturing business in the middle of a single family neighborhood? I'm all for doing "good works" but have they concidered what impacts this new business will have an the surrounding homes? If there are any negative impacts what are they going to do about them?