Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Would a County Mayor be good for Seminoile Heights

There is a push for a County Mayor for Hillsborough County. The Tampa Tribune recently had an editorial on the subject Debate On Countywide Mayor Misdirected By Red Herrings.

Is this a good idea or bad idea? Is this good for Seminole Heights? There are many reasons people think a County Mayor is a good idea. The antics of 6 County Commissioners is one reason.

To me, it frankly depends on how many conservative voters there are in Hillsborough County. If there are more conservatives than moderate and liberal voters, I am concerned we could get a Ronda Storms as Mayor. If we could get a moderate in power, then it would okay. I don't know how many conservatives there are.

Tampa has a population of 321,772 (2004 statistics). Total Hillsborough County is 998,948 (2000 statistics). I don't know the breakdown of how many are registered voters.

There are more Democratic voters in Hillsborough County. But the No Party Affiliations, can tip the balance to the Republicans. Not all Democrats are moderates and not all Republicans are conservatives. (I am a moderate Republican)
Democratic Party 257,517 41.28%
Republican Party 218,749 35.07%
No Party Affiliation 115,639 18.54%

So is this a good thing for Seminole Heights?

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