Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The 5 Senses - A Seminole Heights Arts Experience

After last night Arts Meeting, someone brought up the idea to hold a stand alone Art in the Park Event at Rivercrest Park. In the last Business Guild meeting there was a discussion about having a Taste of Seminole Heights. A musician at the Arts meeting last night said to not forget the musicians, that they would love to participate in Art Event or in general community events.

Hmmm...... See, Taste and Smell, and Hear. Aha!

Combine it all and you end up with "The 5 Senses - A Seminole Heights Arts Experience" showcasing the works of Central Tampa Artists, Musicians, Writers and Restaurants.

The artist gets a full blown art show (juried?). The restaurants get a taste of central tampa restaurants. The musicians get whatever musicians do to best showcase their work. (Are there musician contests?) There could be a poetry slam for poets. Readings from selected short story or novels for writers. Also a meet the author, borrowing on the big reading event they hold at Eckerd College. Maybe there could even be some speakers on various topics (Art/Music/Writing/Cooking) This could be a 2 day event. On Saturday night video could be shown outdoors, similar to what Chelsea Goodwin is doing or what the traveling video group did a few years back off of Bird Street. Also performance art somewhere in the mix. Maybe something could also be done in the river. Oh I forgot. Theatre. Excerpts from some plays?

Somehow we have to get the the fifth sense (Touch) in there. Bring in some massage therapists? Else rename it the 4 Senses.

The title is sort of a Covivantian type title, different than what others call their art shows because this would be different than everyone else's art shows.

Parking could be at the school and the nearby churches. Maybe even use some shuttles. Rivercrest would be the best park for this.

There would be a few booths for the area neighborhood and business organizations also.


Anonymoose said...

I think you could still call it 5 senses with the participants youve already named. Sculpture can be as much about touch as sight. Music sometimes has a tactile element with nice rhythm sections. Good food always leaves a great physical sensation as well as taste, and the warm sun or a breeze is a sensation of feeling. Though a massage therapist presence I am sure would be most welcome. I'd don't believe theyre required to satisfy the 5 senses :-).

Devon said...

I don't know if massage therapy qualifies as an art form. How about free lap dances? You could get all kinds of free publicity when the BOCC tries to shut it down.
Seriously though, Charles Lyman used to host the Art Barge parties at his house on Park Circle where films were projected onto the sails of barges in the river. I don't know if he is still doing that, but he should be pretty easy to track down.

Alex Spassoff said...

It is apparent you have not experienced massage therapy from licensed massage therapists. FYI there are quite a number of licensed massage therapists who live in Seminole Heights, 4 on W Henry Ave. alone!
Massage therapists have been giving chair massages at all types of events throughout Florida. Since 1987, massage therapists have been giving chair massages at the Capitol in Tallahassee.