Saturday, April 01, 2006

Bread Man of Seminole Heights

The headline writer for the Trib came up with a great headline for this story. It's a very good story.

Bread Man Shares Lovin' From His Oven

Published: Apr 1, 2006

SEMINOLE HEIGHTS - Meet the bread man of Southeast Seminole Heights, August Vanderdonckt.

On weekends, the brick oven he built in his back yard is stoked to 700 degrees. He bakes pain al'Ancienne, pain de Campagne, pane Siciliano, ciabatta, anadama bread, French baguettes and braided challah to name a few
. . . .

I was at Stehpannos Pizza the other day and they were talking about the Brick Oven Man. They had heard HG TV was going to do a story. If this rumor is correct, greeat!

Perhaps August needs to come up with a greeting. On the radio show "Smoke This" the host Cigar Dave and his listeners use the greeting "Long Ashes." Perhaps we can use the greeting "Toast Your Bread" or "Toasted Bread" or "Warm Bread to Ya" or something.


The Bread Man said...

I'm honored (and delightfully amused) by the HGTV rumor, but unless they are planning on doing a story behind my back, it's not true. Too bad...

If after reading the article you go: "Hey, how come I've never gotten any bread or bagels?"
My answer is:"One of these days, you will." Stop me on the street when we're out walking and you'll find yourself on my shortlist for the next delivery.

August Vanderdonckt
"Warm Bread to Ya"

AngelSil said...


I've been dying to get my hands on some decent challah. Now I'm hungry =)