Sunday, April 15, 2007

Welcome Tommy - Moving to Branch Ave From Valdosta and Iraq

A soon to be new resident to Seminole Heights starts a blog - "Tommy's Old Seminole Heights Blog - The new adventures of our family in Tampa"

"Here I am in my home in Valdosta, Georgia (thats near the Florida border). Today I am packing up my military gear and turning it in to my unit on Monday. I pull off my helmet cover etched with; Invasion 03, Baghdad 04, Kirkuk 05, Baghdad 06. A flurry of memories from the past 4 years of war rushes through my mind. With each tour worse than the former.... but its time to move on."

Welcome to the neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

Welcome Tommy - My wife and I have been in Seminole Heights for almost 3 years and we love it. I don't know where you'll be on Branch, but we're right near the Jean St intersection, so I'm sure we'll bump into you when we walk our dog. Glad that you're home safe and welcome!

Darren & Rebekah

Seminole said...

Welcome home Tommy. We're glad to have you and very glad you're safe. I look forward to meeting you at our next general meeting.

Check out the BGoSH (Business Guild of Seminole Heights) for alot of other stuff.

Tommy_Cane said...

Thanks for the warm welcome! We are moving into a bungalow across from the High School. But we considered buying a yellow house on Jean.

My wife and I have been looking for excuses to visit Seminole Heights every week (its only a 3 hour drive). I'm planning on going to the OSH general meeting next week, so hopefully I'll get to meet some of you. You can't miss me, I am 6'4" and I'll look lost.

BTW, have there been any problems with the apartments on the corner of Branch and Wilder?


CSD said...

Welcome Tommy; We are down Branch on the corner of Hillsborough; I think our area is a pretty safe one, we have been here for over a year....I personally have not heard anything regarding those apartments. the house you are buying is adorable! When you get the girls home, I have a willing 13 year old to sit while you and your wife go listen to Techno! I hope you'll take advantage of the porch parties..a great way to meet neighbors. We hope to see you soon!

Greg said...

If I am thinking of the correct property they are currently under contract to a couple who has done great things with their other properties in the neighborhood and will not put up with any crap from any of the tenants.

Welcome to the neighborhood! I'll look for you guys at the OSHNA meeting.

CSD said...

I noticed the "For Sale" signs were removed over the past week or two. I wonder if they have closed on it; I doubt any realtor would pull the signs on a property under contract until it's a done deal....that building required a new roof and water damage repairs, about $50K worth in all (I inquired about it)and the price went from a crazy $1.8 million down to around $575K during the year or so it was on the market (it was 9 units in all). I would have loved to buy it being so close to it, but it was a bit rich for my comfort zone! Anyway Tommy, I think it's a great area.

Anonymous said...

the listing actually expired - that's wyh the signs were done - they have not closed yet but are in the due dilligence period.