Friday, April 13, 2007

Stephanno's Return - April 24

According to the St. Pete Times, Stephannos will re-open around April 24.

"Stephanno's Pizzeria will return, owner says

To the dismay of many neighborhood residents, Seminole Heights pizza joint Stephanno's closed its doors in February.

But not to worry, said owner Paul Stephenson: It's only temporary.

"I had too many things going on at one time," said Stephenson, who also owns a catering company, Affairs to Remember, and a small deli in a secured office building in Ybor City.

Stephanno's, which opened 18 months ago at 6607 N Florida Ave., will get a very minor makeover, with a bit of new paint and dcor and a slightly more streamlined menu.

New manager John Butler will run the place. Stephenson said he expects to reopen around April 24.

"It got too crazy," Stephenson said. "I had major help issues. Now I have somebody that's going to run the pizzeria for me and take it off my back. I really didn't want to close it down (permanently)."


Anonymous said...

Great! I am glad to have you back. I look foward to having some quality pizza again (instead of Crappy's Pizza)

Anonymous said...

so go to ABC pizza - they only hold a gun to your head in Carrolwood - we are much safer than that neighborhood.

Miche11e said...

Anon 4:41, your post makes no sense. Please explain.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I can get my line of credit approved so I can afford a few Stephanno's pizzas.

John Butler said...

Anon 10:29
If you need to pay for a $13.00 large pizza on credit then maybe you should move to Ruskin or Dover.

Stephanno's product is the best quality NY style pizza in the Height's.

I work in South Tampa and used to drive to Bearss Ave for a good NY style pizza. I was very happy when I found Stephanno's in our hood.

You must be comparing the price of Stephanno's to Cici's or Lil' Cearers Pizza. Its not quality but it is cheap.

Stephanno's is totaly in line with pricing to Sally O'neils and Cappy's. Soo much a better pizza. So what's your issue?