Monday, April 16, 2007

Tax Time

Oh yeah, tax day is tommorrow. I almost forgot, because my accountant took care of this little detail weeks ago. This was not my usual scenario in past years. I'd be dropping off my taxes at a post office at the last minute and even had to file an extension one year. This was with an accountant.

We have a great accountant now. Last year when we switched over to her, she found more deductions for us than our previous accountant. For example, we learned we could get more taxes back by putting some money down in an IRA.

Early this year we get a form from our accountant asking for updates on our finances. I fill in the form, drop it and some of our other paperwork off at her office. A week or two later we get a call that our taxes are completed and sent via e-file to the IRS. Our refund was headed for direct deposit to our account. No more worries.

I love her office. Her office (4109 S Macdill Ave) is between Art Tarts and the chihuahua restaurant on South Macdill. Nice neighbors. Her front doorway has a wood screen door. Inside her desks and filing cabinets are made of wood. Somewhere walking around is her office cat. She has a little peaceful courtyard between her office and the next one. The courtyard wall has a nice painted scene on it. Aside from being very organized, she is funny. The first year we had to go over details of our finances and I never had so much fun at an accountants office before or while doing taxes. This is someone who used to work for the IRS.

Who is this person? Southeast Seminole Heights own Randi Raaen.

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Anonymous said...

we learned we could get more taxes back by putting some money down in an IRA

Wow! she's good!