Thursday, April 19, 2007

Seminole Heights In The Movies

According to Kathy Steele, a horror film trailer was shot at Tampa Antiquarian Book Store.

"SEMINOLE HEIGHTS - Two tabloid reporters are on the trail of a killer clown armed with a meat cleaver and a lust for revenge.

On the flip side, well, he's a misunderstood soul searching for his girlfriend.

So goes the plot of "100 Tears," a slasher movie that spurts gore all over the screen.

At a Fangoria convention in Chicago and on, the two-minute trailer is getting attention that Seminole Heights filmmakers Joe Davison and Marcus Koch haven't seen before."


"Last week, the film's tag shocker was shot at the Tampa Antiquarian Book Co. on Central Avenue. "

The movie has a myspace site.

100 Tears Trailer

As the movie trailer flashed by I tried to pick out some of the other locations. Nickos and the airport parking garage top deck were the two I was able to figure out.


Mal Carne said...

That's freakin' awesome! A clown, carnies, high body count, very wet splatter factor, who could ask for more? Can't wait to see it.

IFly said...

I think the parking garage might be the one at Channelside. Interesting looking flick. I love seeing hometown locations used.