Thursday, April 19, 2007

Fireworks over Fireworks

The Trib has an article about a new task force set to be approved by the legislature.

"A task force to study fireworks use and sales and to suggest comprehensive changes in state regulations is poised for approval by the Legislature. The idea originated from a fireworks industry lobbyist, and as proposed, the eight-member panel would include three fireworks industry members."

Now of course the fireworkds lobbyist Pete Dunbar "said the task force won't be biased" and "that members outside the fireworks industry may take stances in opposition to those within it."

"Dunbar said discussion has continued for years on giving local government better tools to regulate fireworks and more money to clean up after their use. The bill says training and education are needed on the safe use of fireworks, and clearer standards are needed on temporary retail locations selling fireworks."

I disagree. The standards are clear. You simply need to be a farmer who wants to use them to scare off birds. The problem is wussy local governments ( meaning Hillsborough County) who refuse to take steps to restrict these illegal sales. Pinellas County has taken steps. Pasco plans to take steps."The Pasco Board of County Commissioners in February agreed to pursue an ordinance requiring customers to show identification and a permit to purchase fireworks. The rules, which could go into effect Dec. 1, are similar to those in Pinellas County, where vendors also must keep detailed sales records to encourage compliance. "

This task force will be full of fireworks people and their lackeys. It is going to legitimize these illegal sales.

A Tampa man, Wofford Johnso,n leading the fight against these ilegal fireworks man has website called called that is actually located on

He says on his website : Very Important --- The use of exploding fireworks by the general public is a misdemeanor, subject to up to 1 year in jail and up to a $1000. fine. If ''exploding fireworks'' are being used in your urban neighborhood you have the right to call law enforcement to stop it. To avoid overloading the 911 emergency number we suggest you call the Non Emergency phone number. For the Tampa Police Department the non- emergency number is 231-6130. The Hillsborough County Sheriff Department non emergency number is 247-8200."

He has topics on the subject including:*Florida Statute - Sale of Fireworks *Analysis of the State Statute *Current Status of the *Ordinance to Ban the Sale of Illegal Fireworks *Support for the Ban on Illegal fireworks *Injuries and Fires caused by Fireworks *Is it ''Unpatriotic'' to Ban Fireworks''? *What Can You Do?


IFly said...

While my personal belief is that the intent of the law should be upheld, and the ban should become an actual restriction, I hope that, either way, they get rid of the ridiculous system that is currently in place. Nothing worse than a process that is meaningless and a total waste. Either lift the ban, or eliminate the transparent loophole circumventing the law.

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Bloggerwife said...

Well said, ifly!