Tuesday, April 17, 2007

American Bungalow Presentation

Old Seminole Heights Civic Association
South Seminole Heights Civic Association
Southeast Seminole Heights Civic Association

Remind you .......
That you are invited to attend a presentation by
published in the interest of preserving and restoring the modest American 20th century home, the BUNGALOW, and the rich lifestyle that it affords.
Thursday, April 19, 2007, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
Free admission!
Plenty of parking!
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Join us for this exclusive event to be held at the Seminole Heights United Methodist Church, 6111 N. Central Avenue , Tampa , FL 33604
For more information, contact Suzanne Prieur at 813-610-5255


Anonymous said...

The last TWO times I tried to purchase the American Bungalow Magazine..the lady selling it was just to busy to speak with me. I have not tried buying one since...and quite simply....wont EVER buy one again. I liked the magazine and heard that its sale here benefited OSHHA...but when you are treated like crap.....who needs it!

Greg said...

I'm sorry that you felt that you were slighted. Sherry's Yesterdaze holds the magazine for sale for the association as it is a location that everyone has access to and can fit into their schedules.

She makes nothing off of the sale but does make space for it to be displayed and backstock held for sale. She does it as a supporter for OSHNA. It is for sale for 25% off cover price at Sherry's or for full cover price at Borders, B & N etc.

Sherry is running a business to pay her bills - I personally would give her a little slack and quite honestly would be very suprised that she was rude to you - that is not the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Sherry. She also was the main push (and continues to be) behind the BGOSH organization - to say that she cares about the neighborhood would be an understatement!

YesterDazed said...

Anon., To clarify, was it at YesterDaze that you attempted to buy the magazine? If so, I'd like to know approximately when this occured.

I don't recall someone trying to buy the magazine and my being too busy to accomodate. Perhaps it was an employee?

I apologize if this happened in my shop and urge you not to blame American Bungalow Magazine or Old Seminole Heights Neighborhood Association for these unfortunate incidents.

Sherry King, Owner
Sherry's YesterDaze

Suzanne said...

I doubt that the problem occurred at Sherry’s. She & her staff are always friendly & helpful, though the store is frequently full of people who all need service.

I used to handle the American Bungalow sales, but handed it over to Sherry because I couldn’t manage it with all my other activities. If I was not able to respond to someone who wanted to buy a magazine, I do apologize.