Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Everyone is invited.

The Business Guild of Seminole Heights (BGoSH) along with the support of the Tampa Police Department will host a workshop on crime prevention. The workshop will be presented on Monday, April 30 at 6: 30 p.m. at Forever Beautiful Salon and Day Spa located at 5135 N Florida Avenue in Tampa. While this free event is geared toward business owners, residents are welcome.

Chris Cochran and Officer Barrett of Tampa Police Department’s Crime Prevention Team will lead the workshop. A myriad of topics will be covered to include proper lighting and alarms to how to deal with a shoplifter. As part of the lecture, the officers will provide a hands-on demonstration in an effort to target crime-potential concerns. Attendees are encouraged to wear comfortable footwear.

“The workshop will provide business owners the tools and education to better protect themselves, their property, and their employees,” comments Carrie Byrd, Chair of BGoSH’s Information, Resources and Education committee. The Business Guild of Seminole Heights is an association of business owners within the boundaries of the Seminole Heights neighborhood of Tampa who are interested in improving the commercial environment in the neighborhood. Ranging from antique dealers to Real Estate Brokers, BGoSH consist of over one hundred members serving the Seminole Heights community.


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"Kill The Idea Of Cops"

July 17th 2007 CNN stated this in one of their articles, "WASHINGTON (CNN) -- So let's cut to the chase on the new National Intelligence Estimate: Does it show America is safer today than it was on September 10, 2001 -- or not?".......................... "While nobody knows with absolute certainty whether al Qaeda is "stronger" than it was in the past, the point is that this new report shows the terror organization is "strong" yet again."
After .............. we get more bodybags .............soon to come.........mark my words here folks......... in large people areas like Shopping Center mega-malls, large health center.......hospitals like "Albany Med" of New York, maybe, yes, just maybe, someone in high places, in politics, or in the media, will take note what I am saying here............. over thirty five years of experience, research, obserance, and education in the public safety and security profession, I personally have come to a positive conclusion ........... yes.......... with absolute certainty........ that even if al Qaeda isn't stronger than it was in the past, getting through our first line of defense is easy!
Security in places like Shopping malls, Hospitals, City sky-scrapping Corporate office buildings, Colleges/Universities, and any other large complex, are told to call the police if there is a problem. Security is, in general, today, a "Hands-off-department in most complexes and that is very sad. Being that the case, we all know that the police are at a scene usually after-the-fact...........they write their reports out and the crime is history.......... the before factor must be present to prevent anything............ so if a none-terrorist crime is not possible to prevent, how is a terrorist crime going to be possible? It's not!
So "Kill the idea of cops" means, everyone who depends on the police to prevent crime and terrorist attacks without the direct help from a professional security people who are able to "put hands on", seeing that security is at a scene, before, during and after a possible crime, are fools............you must kill that idea that your security should just call the police......... and everyone better make sure their security is truly preventing crime and are not just there as an insurance rate deduction, a common reason today for having a security guard in place.
Wake-up! Am I, and my small group of public safety and security professionals the only ones who see what's coming here in America folks?
If you work in a Shopping mall, Hospital, University, and any large complex............. ask your security if they are told to call the local police if they need to put "Hands-On" to prevent a crime from happening. If they are honest with you, they will tell you yes! Why is this important news? because it tells you that when the police get there, the crime will most likely be just a report, waiting to be filed in a police station, that will not be followed up unless it's "body-bags" of friends and families you may know.
The stock holders, and owners of these complexes depend on the police to prevent crime. This is why their security is looked at as just over head in their business, and not really nessesary for direct crime prevention and terrorist attacks prevention. Just keep in mind folks.............. prevention needs the before factor! And the police are very seldom at a scene before a crime happens!
So.............. everyone.............. "Kill The Idea Of Cops", for if you don't, preventing terrorist like al Qaeda, is not going to happen! We will be easy prey!
Security departments everywhere in America must stop operating like police departments by just being a re-active crime control agency............ coupled with just calling the police.......... all security and the police are doing is reacting to a crime! Who's trying to prevent crime? Anyone? The crimes we see at Universities and colleges resently should never happen, and wouldn't if security did their homework! If security would be a pro-active agency they would have caught that young man long before he commited the crime! You all know who I'm talking about, no need to bring it's details to the forefront anymore........ we all heard plenty of the frightening details of the students who suffered greatly.
So I wonder how many people will read my warnings here? How many bodybags will America see before they realize security is not fulfilling their role in crime prevention because people in the place of authority over security are not "Killing The Idea Of Cops"? How many politicians will ever take note of what I am saying? Do the police feel threaten in what I say?
For I will go on record right now, by saying, the police are the only ones who are doing their jobs superbly!
People of America need to understand there responsibilities and the importance of developing their security departments and agencies to prevent crime now! And the law makers need to make, and change laws when needed, to help security do their job........ prevent crime and terrorist attacks now, with the help of police, the circle needed bewteen security and police will be what we need to stop terrorist in their tracts!
What about the fact that right now, as you are reviewing my article, your security department or agency could be hiring a terrorist cell player in complexes throughout America.................. do you know how easy it is to get a security position in most States in America? Too easy! And shopping malls, hospitals and other complexes are therefore wide open for terrorist!
"So let's cut to the chase on the new National Intelligence Estimate: Does it show America is safer today than it was on September 10, 2001 -- or not?" CNN............ In my professional opinion, and the opinion of my independent research group, NO! We are not safer! And I would talk to anyone who'd like to disput that fact!
Please go to our main web-site ( www.irg-security.us ) and click on the picture of our new Book just on this subject, with over thirty five years of research, experience and investigation all in less than 200 pages to study, then pass this Book on to your local library, please! For all those who can't afford to purchase this important information.
So! How many body bags will it take for people do "Kill the idea of Cops"? And start developing their Security Agencies and Departments to prevent crime? Laws must be changed to help security prevent crime! Security needs classes to educate them to make arrest if they need to, in order to prevent crime! The "Cops" need to learn how to work with security to prevent crime! These two entities need to work together and you, and your families will see more crime prevention, and then, but only then, America will have a fighting chance to prevent terrorist attacks!
Friends! America at this PRESENT TIME, have a breach in security! The front lines being security, can not prevent crime! And you already know that the police can not prevent crime! Terrorist will attack! Yes! The authorities will Respond but, too late folks........ it wasn't prevented! Security needs to be able to prevent! Let's pray it's not your family!
I guess September 11th........... was not enough body bags for people to take note of this researcher's study since 1968?
More body bags are needed I guess before people take note of my warnings!
That's sad. When your family is hit by terrorist attack, I'm sorry, I'm trying to get the word out, America, Wake Up!!!!
Article made and sent out on:
"Mark this date of warning America July 18th 2007"
James R White, Jr, PSSC
end of article.

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