Friday, April 13, 2007

Tampa Street Market Written Up

Nice article in the Times about Tampa Street Market.

I like the opening lines

"I finished the interview feeling good, then came to one of a writer's worst realities. I had too many angles to choose from.

One couple does their small part in saving the environment.

Two "artists" leave their creative mark in Seminole Heights.

Boy meets girl at Guavaween; they stick together through trash and treasure

Here is more from the story:

"Our setting is Tampa Street Market, an eclectic furniture shop that smells of paint fumes. I'm told to enter through a creaky doggy door convenient only for an attention-seeking mutt named Baci. A fan in the window whirls cool air from an evening breeze.

Inside, Charles sands an old teak wood table. Amy sits behind a wooden contraption with tiny pullout drawers. It's somewhat obscure, and she doesn't know what to call it - a small pantry maybe?

These are the kinds of spoils the Haynies work with everyday. They ride around in their station wagon, scavenging for broken and worn furniture, wood and scraps. The theme from Sanford and Son sometimes rings in Charles' head.

They bring their booty here to N Florida Avenue, just south of Hillsborough Avenue."

"Artists in the neighborhood stop by and ask to show their artwork here. So the Haynies turned a cramped hallway into a gallery. Early next month, they'll host a grand opening for the shop and the gallery."


Greg said...

very nicely written!

Miche11e said...

I visited Tampa Street Market back in Jan and it was wonderful and so were Amy and Charles. I purchased a really cool, old galvanized watering can and Amy helped me finalize my decision in choosing a color palete for painting my house. The Haynies are very cool people and the shop has some amazing finds and very reasonable prices. I've recommended this little shop to many people.

Anonymous said...

The Tampa Street Market is a wonderful addition to the neighborhood. Every time I stop in, I find at least one thing that I MUST HAVE. Unfortunately, I've had to limit my visits as a result, but I hope the rest of you will check it out!